Thankful Thursday

It’s Thursday! And since it’s been ages since I did a Thankful Thursday post, I thought I would. My attitude has been piss-poor at best lately, and the last time I found myself this down, my gratitude journal was what pulled my head out of my bum. So here we go again?

Over the Christmas break I had 4 weeks off training, ate poorly, gained about 4kgs, had to wear my “fat clothes” and just felt generally grumpy. This week I’m back at training, which makes me incredibly happy. I know, it’s sick, isn’t it? I’m so thankful for this switch in my mind, my body, the switch to wanting to be healthy. I absolutely love the feeling I get after an hours PT session. I love being able to wear my “skinny” clothes again. Remind me of this when I’m whinging next week that I’m doing 3 sessions throughout the week!

I’m thankful that my husband has had 3 weeks off work. He works really hard and deserves a nice long break. I know he’s ready to get back to it, but I wish we had more times like this. Where’s the damn money tree/winning lottery ticket when you need it?! Of course 3 weeks over Christmas means only 8 days leave throughout the rest of the year, which is a bit shit if you ask me, but this is a Thankful post, so will save that whine for another time!

I’m thankful for the cool breeze we occasionally get in our unit. In the heat, the stillness, there sometimes floats a cool soft breeze through the double doors at each end, and it is heaven. Especially in heat waves like we’ve been having.

That’s all I can come up with for now, but it’s a start. Sometimes when things feel shit, just trying to write a few good things down can help. Let’s hope this does. What are you thankful for today?


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