My Week According To Instagram

Well it has certainly been an event-filled week. Hard to believe how much you can squeeze into one week sometimes! It helps to have a New Year’s Eve thrown in the middle! This week I’m trying something new – the description of the pic links to the full picture. I’ve pretty much already shared most of these pics, but without further ado…my week according to Instagram:

week according

I completed ALL of the 2012 Photo-A-Day Challenges | NYE Fireworks at Broadbeach | Walking back to the car after the fireworks | NYE Fireworks in Surfers
We headed up to the Brisbane International | Where Azarenka said hi to the kids | And Nick played lots of mini tennis | And also got his face painted
Coffee date w/ the holidaying husband while N at kindy | Then he steam cleaned the carpet! | N had a date with his best friend | And they walked around holding hands
We went to the beach for a boogie board | And drew hearts in the sand | My entry for “heart” for FMSPhotoADay | And had baby Sophie cuddles

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5 thoughts on “My Week According To Instagram

  1. Such an achievement to complete the entire 2012 Photo a day challenge. I started in June, got half way through and gave up. Started again in September and have been going strong since! 🙂

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