Thinking Happy Thoughts

The last few days have weighed heavy on my mind and my heart. I was already feeling overwhelmed and a little run down, and then Saturday morning we woke to the news of the school shooting. I’ve been trying to avoid the news, to avoid hearing any more horror stories out of Newton, CT. Sometimes it’s unavoidable and I’ve heard and read things I’d have been much better not knowing about. Then I think of the folks in Newton. I think of the parents who lost their child, the light of their lives. And I think they can’t just avoid it. They can’t turn the TV or computer off and make it go away, they can’t close the newspaper and pretend it didn’t happen. And it makes me feel like I shouldn’t, either.

What I can do, is think about things that make me laugh, things that make me happy. And right now I have a 4.5 year old who is saying THE funniest things, sometimes at the most inappropriate times. So, in an attempt to make people smile and laugh, I thought I’d share some of these things.

Me: I love you more than anything in the whole world.
Nick: I love you more than a new Christmas tree!

He had a bad run of wetting his bed three nights in a row recently. On the third morning he said to me, “Mummy, how come you don’t wet YOUR bed?” as if all the cool kids were doing it.

At his kindy graduation, after kids had received their certificates and told everyone they wanted to be doctors, policemen and pilots when they grew up, my boy got up and told everyone he was going to be Batman.

He was climbing on the playground and The Mechanic said, “Be careful please Nick!” He replied “Careful is my middle name!” (seriously, where does a 4 year old get that?!).

We went to the pet store to get some fish tank supplies. While The Mechanic talked to the sales lady and got all that organised, Nick and I went to look at the dogs and cats. Loudly, infront of at least 6 other customers, he announced, “There’s a lot of pussies in here!”

What funny, or innocently inappropriate things has your child said, and how old were they? 

Linking up with the lovely Essentially Jess for the last #IBOT before Christmas!
Merry Christmas #IBOTers!


44 thoughts on “Thinking Happy Thoughts

  1. Thanks for this post – I think I need to try to think about all the fun and happy things in my life because right now all I seem to do is feel like it is all doom and gloom.
    When K was about 3 I was in the bath and she was in and out the bathroom opening and closing the door. It was winter and a little chilly so I asked her to please either go out or come in but to keep the door closed because she was letting a draught in. She looked at me, looked at the door, looked back at me and said “Mommy, how is a giraffe going to get in here, the door is too small.” As you can imagine I cracked up laughing and even now, nearly 18 years later, we tell this story and have a laugh !!
    Have the best day my friend !

  2. Ha my mum talks about her 3 cats as pussies all the time, it cracks me up every time and then she looks at me with disgust that I have lowered the tone. I can’t help it though it is just the way my mind works!! Nothing from my little one yet too young, but I look forward to getting some giggles from him when he can talk.

    • We actually have a book we write it all in – highly recommend it. Because you always think “What was that thing he said last week?!” Too funny about your mum. ha ha! My mum would say, “I don’t get it?” so naive!

    • he says at least 5 things a day that make me laugh, though I realise not all of these would be funny to other people. ha ha! it should be a happy time of year, but i’m reading about a lot of stress and overwhelming and general unhappiness. 😦

  3. My daughter said to the checkout lady that she has a JayJay.. and that her daddy has a BIG tail.. but her brother only has a little one
    I still giggling every time I think of the look on the lady’s face!

    #teamIBOT was here 🙂

  4. OMG there are seriously some times I just want to dig a hole and crawl in when Lil Pumpkin says something so inappropriate in public! There was once we were served by a waiter with bad zits and she just kept shouting “eee eee you have pimples on your face!”. /cry

    P.S. I think the “my middle name is careful” comment is pretty genius!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

    • oh no!!! that would have been so embarrassing!! how did the waiter take it??? I just wish I knew where he heard the “is my middle name” saying, because I don’t think we say it. It was so funny tho!

  5. It’s a lovely idea to try and focus on the positive. We walked through the shopping centre this morning to a chorus of “We wish you a Merry bum bum” (amidst fits of giggles). I got over continually saying “Stop it!” I was laughing on the inside, trying to maintain respectability on the outside! You have to love those precious moments.

  6. Hehe, lots of pussies.
    And the fact he loves you more than a new Christmas tree – no that’s love if ever I heard it!
    when I asked mine why she did something she knew she wasn’t supposed to, she retorted, “because I’m very complicated.” Gotta love it!

    • oh my!! hahahaha! Good luck to her future husband if she’s complicated now! 😉 That is so cute! Do you answer her questions with “it’s complicated” at all? I’m always curious where they get these things from.

  7. Both Boatman and I cracked up at him saying he was gonna be Batman. (Boatman asked what I was laughing at, so I had to share.)
    He’s such a gorgeous kid.

  8. “Careful is my middle name” – LOVE it!!!
    The twinlets are 3 next month and talking up a storm. They’ve also started singing to The Sapphires soundtrack and K-Bear’s song request is always, “Sugar, Pa, Honey Bar” (Sugar, Pie Honey, Bunch)
    Totally cracks me up.
    Your little man sounds truly amazing, Aroha xxx

  9. I was horrified when I heard the news 😦 and oh kids really do say the funniest things at the most inappropriate times. MissE was running around the house singing sex on the radio this afternoon….. I don’t even listen to that song!! Then she says why can’t I sing it… I said ask your dad and we both let it slide right by us lol

  10. I’ve been avoiding the news, it’s so sad 😦
    But your boy sounds hilarious! My four year old and I were talking about when his sister was born, and it went like this:
    J: Why did you have to have her in a pool?
    Me: The water helped me push her out. It was nice.
    J: Why did she come out of your bum?
    Me: (holding back laughter) She didn’t come out of my bum sweetie, she came out of my vagina.
    J: WHAAAAAAT? Babies can’t fit out of vaginas!!!
    It was HILARIOUS.

    • OMG that IS hilarious!! My sister is in labour at this very moment and I told my son he was going to get a cousin today. He said, “Is she coming out of Aunty Crystal’s tummy?” I said, “Uhhhh, yes! She is!” ha ha ha!

  11. That’s all we can do, isn’t it? Look for the beauty in life after such tragedy. What sweet things children say. I have been writing some of the down lately. Yesterday, Elka told me that she was a baby in my tummy once. I asked her what it was like, and she said it was like a boat, and then she got stuck. She’s nearly there. It blew my mind!

  12. That is just classic – re pussy cats! I need to write down all the stuff my kids say. Although tonight when were drove around Xmas lights and he got to sit in a sleigh pulled by kangaroos he said to dad: ”wow this is awesome” – from a 3-year-old – so cute. xx

  13. Careful is my middle name – lol!
    Miss 2.5 wanted to put on her princess nappies for bed instead of her night time ones, and figured using logic to explain why would work, but didn’t actually HAVE a logical argument. So she used the EXACT tone of voice that I use when I am explaining something complicated (and the same hand gestures) and said “you see, sometimes we clap our hands, and then we go for a walk, and when i’s a lovely day, then, princess nappies” and continued on like this for quite a long detailed “explanation”. Cracked me up so much that I let her wear them 🙂

    • oh that is so cute!! My son tells stories like that sometimes, it’s this long-winded, jumbled up bits of everything that all end up in one big story and then he’ll say, “see?” ha ha! God love ’em!!

    • My husband said, “I wonder if Christian Bale wanted to be batman when he grew up, maybe we’ll have an actor on our hands?” ha! Guess stranger things could happen – like me giving him the middle name “careful” LOL

  14. Oh I love this, kids are just so hysterical aren’t they? Dex says the cutest things and I really should take a second to write them down. The absolutely funniest of this year was at a Make a Wish Fundraiser we went to (my Nan is on the committee) there was this entertainer singing “Old MacDonald” and before each animal he was asking “What does a (animal) make?” he goes through a few and then comes “What does a pig make?” and clear as a bell, before any other kid speaks, Dexter yells “BACON”. Love that kid.

  15. I wish I’d written more down. My kids are hilarious and the big un is a shocker for having no inner monologue.

    “Careful is my middle name” is classic!!

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