All I Want For Christmas

I’ve been tagged by the lovely Rhian over at The Only Way Is Melbourne to share my Christmas list. I already posted my “in your dreams” wish list – a list of things that, were anything and everything possible, that is what I’d want. It included bringing back the dead, so that tells you just how much of an “in your dreams” list it was!

So for the purpose of this exercise, I’ll give you my legit Christmas wish list. Which won’t be fulfilled because I already got a Canon 5D Mark III which is my Christmas presents for the rest of eternity.

That aside, here are 5 things I’d like for Christmas.

1. A GHD. I have a hair straightener, an el cheapo one. It does the job, mostly, but I want one that makes my hair shiny and soft. I’m assuming, for the price, a GHD would do that.

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2. Some funky jewellery or a gift certificate to one of those fashion jewellery places. They seem to be everywhere now and I’ve seen lots of chunky, bright pieces that I’d love to have! There’s a few outfits I have that need something to spruce it up.

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3. A new computer desk. We got ours for free when friends went overseas, and it serves its purpose, especially for the price! But we need to rearrange the office to fit in the weights bench we just got, and I think a new desk would hide some of the “mess” currently on this one. Thankfully I won a $100 gift card to OfficeWorks from the awesome Deb at Home Life Simplified, so this wish might actually come true!

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4. Camping gear. Like, all the gear. Well, the bare necessities for a family of 3 to go away for a few days and not be completely rugging it. I’m talking air mattresses, gas cookers, tables, lights, etc. I’d take just a really good tent….seems like a good place to start.

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5. An iPhone 5. A white one. This won’t happen, but there’s a better chance of this happening than bringing back the dead!  Our contracts expire in April (we think) so the plan at this stage is to try and hold out until that is up, then possibly switch carriers. If we get impatient and can’t wait, we may have new phones as early as February.

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So there you have it. My wish list. Not all that unreasonable, I don’t think! And now to come up with 5 bloggers to tag to share their list. If you have already been tagged/participated, I apologise! Please don’t feel any obligation to join in, but come back and let me know if you do!

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Rhi @ A Parenting Life

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Mandie @ Stuff Noone Told Mandie  

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12 thoughts on “All I Want For Christmas

  1. We have ghd straighteners and they certainly do the job – well worth the money – more so if you can get them on special. I got a wide one for $169 after K had paid $199 for her little one !!! I have got sooooooooooooooo long to wait for my iPhone to be out of contract – am worried that
    Optus will no longer stock Blackberry’s !!!!! The store at RB already doesn’t stock any 😦
    Like you I have already got my Christmas present – the camera – can’t wait to have a lovely play with it this weekend – am sure we are going to go to places that will be great to photograph.
    Have a great weekend !

  2. Great list and much more doable than mine, which was along the same lines as bringing people back from the dead too. I have GHD straighteners they are good but I have more than a few scars on my ears as they get so hot, the things we do for beauty!
    I should have put tent on my list too we are desperate to camp while we are here but the last time we did was before Bear so our current tent doesn’t cut it anymore. Loving that you casually mentioned your new weight deck – check you out! 🙂 hope you get what you want, leave this lying around for husband to see!

    • oooh hope you get your macbook pro!! i got an imac a couple of years ago and wish i’d gone the macbook instead! and yes, love that desk! just read your list – can i come to all the tennis slams with you!? I’d love to do that too!! Almost Aussie Open time!!

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