Argo Fuck Yourself: A Movie Review

Do you get movie gift cards for Christmas? We do. Every.Single.Year. The only problem is, we rarely go to the movies. I could count on one hand the movies we’ve seen, in cinema, in the last 12 months. So when I looked up at my pin board and saw a $60 Event Cinema gift card from last Christmas, I thought I better check the expiration date. Christmas Eve. This year.

If you’re not a Bond or Twilight fan, finding something half decent to watch at this time of year is next to impossible. I watched trailers and read descriptions for a handful of movies, thinking that this $60 voucher was most likely going to go to complete waste. Then I came across “Argo”. Directed by Ben Affleck. Probably another terrible film a la Jersey Girl, Surviving Christmas, {Insert other terrible Ben Affleck movies here}. In my mind he’s still the douche that’s dating J-Lo. But after watching the trailer, we decided we’d go see it.

Where have I been? Ben Affleck starred in, produced, AND directed this movie and might I add, did a fantastic job. The movie is based on the true story of the CIA and Canadian government cooperating to get 6 US fugitives out of Iran. The opening scenes of angry, protesting Iranians, storming the US embassy is chilling. Six of the workers, in a separate building to the others, make the decision to leave and head to the Canadian ambassador’s house where they stay for almost 3 months before being extracted. Meanwhile at the CIA, ideas on how to extract the 6 Americans are thrown around, including giving them bicycles and having them ride out of Iran. Eventually, Mendez (Affleck) comes up with the idea to create identities as a Canadian film crew and have them fly out with him, the “director”.

There are a lot of funny one-liners, mostly coming from John Goodman and Alan Larkin’s characters – the director and producer they enlist to create the phony movie. At the press junket and read-through, a reporter asks Seigel (Larkin) “What does Argo mean?” “It’s the thing” says Seigel. “But what does it mean?” asks the reporter. An aggitated Seigel says, “Argo fuck yourself!” which becomes the joke line of the movie.

I found myself on the edge of my seat, muttering at the screen. Even though I assumed it all ended well, I was still wondering if something would happen at the very last minute. When the flight attendent announced they were out of Iranian air space, I shed a tear. Argo had everything – action, shock, laughter, tears, all rolled into a neat 2 hour package. I highly recommend seeing this movie. And if you don’t like it, then “Argo fuck yourself.”


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