Five Things I Want For Christmas

I sat staring at a blank screen yesterday, wondering what to write about for IBOT. I sat this morning, staring at a blank screen, still not knowing what to write. I read other Tuesday blogs, hoping something would come to me. I decided to skip IBOT. Why pressure yourself into writing something for the sake of writing something?


Jess has pretty much issued a challenge on today’s IBOT. It only just clicked in my head that she actually gave us something to write about! If only I had baby brain or sleep deprivation to blame it on. Instead I’ll have to blame it on the colour of my hair. *ahem*

As far as Christmas goes, I have everything I need. Christmas for me is very much about my son, and seeing the wonder in his eyes, the excitement over Santa, presents, the decorations. Some of my Christmas wish list is more of an In-Your-Dreams wish list. If ever there were Christmas miracles, a couple of these would class as one.

1. I’d love to have my dad back, if only for a Christmas. If only for one day, I’d love Nick to get to spend a Christmas day with him, where he’s old enough to really “get it”. He was only 18 months old when Dad passed away. He didn’t “get” anything at that stage.


2. While we’re bringing back the dead, I’d like my uncle back, dementia-free. I want his kids, who were barely young adults when he passed, to get more time with their dad. I want my mum to have her brother back, to help with the stress of looking after their ageing mother.


3. Moving on to less morbid, less emotional things, I’d like a house. A modest 3 or 4 bedroom house, with a yard for Nick, maybe a pool. I’m not fussed on out-right owning it, I’d just like to know we could comfortably afford it. I’m not ungrateful for the place we have, it’s great for the 3 of us, but the little extra space and the ability to hang out in the back yard would be awesome.


4. I’d like to lose another 6 kgs, on top of the 12 I’ve already lost. Again, not ungrateful for how far I have come. I know I have put in the hard yards, done the work, had the discipline, to get this far. And I know I have it in me to keep doing it.

{ Source }


5. I’d like for the house in #3 to be more of a necessity than a luxury, I’d like to out-grow this space, and need to make room for another family member.

{ Source }
You really CAN find anything on pinterest!


My 6th wish, what I want for someone else, is easy. Both my sisters are pregnant, so my Christmas wish for them is that the rest of their pregnancies (mere days for one of them!) go smoothly, as do their deliveries, and I hope they have healthy, strong babies. I am so looking forward to being an Aunty. It is about time this family had some happy news, rather than tragic. Please Christmas Gods, let these babies be the happy news we desperately need.

What’s on your wish list (or in-your-dreams wish list) for Christmas? 

Linking up with the always lovely Jess at Essentially Jess for IBOT!


24 thoughts on “Five Things I Want For Christmas

  1. I think you Christmas wishes are wonderful, its nice to see some not so materialistic wants. I wish that ALL your Christmas wishes could come true lovely, I really do.
    I wish too for a bigger house, not a mc mansion, but something pretty and spacious and a backyard to chill in is a definite.
    Hoping you get lots of lovely surprises this Christmas xx

  2. It would be amazing to bring back my Grandpa. He died 23 years ago today, still makes me so sad when I think of him. I was 14, and it left a really big impact on me.

    Good luck with achieving number 5 (very exciting!)

    • Aww 😦 23 years, wow! Actually, my grandfather must be about 23 years ago too come to think of it. man death SUCKS! #5 may not happen – hasn’t yet, been a struggle. That’d be one of the Christmas miracles! Bringing back the dead might be more likely!

  3. Yes, there are a few people I would like to bring back too. We are building a pool, but a bigger house would be nice (we will have to wait until the pool is out of the way on that though!). I too would like to loose a further 2-4kgs on top of the 16kgs I’ve lost….again very happy with where I am, just could go a bit further. We have a fair bit in common 🙂
    Becc via #ibot

  4. Good luck for your sisters, and you too.. aunty! You can’t help but think about the people yo wish were here.. Even for just one more Xmas lunch. I was so young when m grandparents passed.. But I wish they were here everyday.

    Great post
    Loz x

    • I may have mentioned grooming my niece or nephew for the next 18 years to move to London after the Royal Baby news yesterday, so I have jeopardized my aunty status, but I’m sure they’ll forgive me by the time they have crying babies here. hahaha! Thanks Loz.

  5. If I could wish that you fell pregnant I would. One day I’ll come here and there will be an announcement I’m sure.
    Thanks for sharing your list. xx

  6. Great list. I second your number 3. Oh how I want a house. Nothing OTT. Just a neat little 3 -4 bedroom, with a functioning kitchen and bathroom and a small backyard. Would make getting the twins out doors to run around so much easier. One day!

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