Catching Up With Team Friday

Back in March I started running. Well, I started jogging/walking alternatively. I couldn’t run very far, probably not even if I was being chased by a grizzly bear. A few weeks into it I was discouraged. I’m not a patient person, and I’m not good at sticking to things I flat out SUCK at. I wanted desperately to give up, but I also wanted desperately to not be so overweight any more. So I persevered. Not without some great support and encouragement from my husband and a handful of online friends.

In May I decided the running I was doing wasn’t enough to shift the weight. The scale hadn’t budged. My clothes fit a bit better and I was starting to feel a bit better about myself, but it wasn’t enough. I called my son’s swim instructor, as I knew she did group personal training at her house. At the end of May I did my first session, and thought I might die. I couldn’t do one push up, one burpee, one sit up. I literally could not do it. I couldn’t do the warm up run without walking 3/4 of it.

Now, 6 months later, I can not only do the regular warm up run, I can also run the hill, I can do 15 burpees in a row, I can do 50 sit ups, I can do 15 push ups. I am 27cms smaller all over than I was when I started training. I am 10kgs lighter. I am 2 clothing sizes smaller. And I am a whole UNIVERSE happier in my self.

But I also got to a point where I thought, “Now what?” I had no goals. I was just focused on the task at hand – train, run, work, live. Losing weight had motivated me, and while I still have about 5kgs to go (ideally), it’s not enough to keep me focused and make me keep getting out there. My running has dropped off drastically, mostly because I find myself shattered from work/training/being a mum and wife. I never started running so that I could run marathons – half OR full. I never even had any intention of running a 10k. I don’t LIKE running, it was just a means to and end. So I started thinking. One thing I used to love, was swimming. I’ve been thinking more and more about triathlons and there are several options for these. I can start at a beginner level and work my way up, if I get good enough. But just competing in one and actually completing it would be a huge accomplishment.

So this week I got back in the pool after literally years of doing nothing other than floating and playing in a pool, and I swam laps. Not long ones, and not many, but it was a start. I did 10 freestyle and 10 breast stroke laps, needing a breather between each one.

There’s a triathlon in January that is 300m swim, 10k ride, 2.5k run. I know I can do that if I work hard between now and then, so that is my new goal. Funnily enough, it’s not the swimming/biking/running that makes me nervous, it’s more the not knowing what I’m doing from not having done a triathlon before. What if I go to the wrong area/go the wrong way/wear the wrong thing/get exhausted and don’t finish…the what-ifs and negativeness is all in my head. But I think if I can get the first one under my belt, then I could even do more, or longer ones.

I know individually I can do those distances, so there should be no problem in doing them all consecutively, right? I have until January 13th to work on it! And now that I’ve put it out there, there’s no going back!

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9 thoughts on “Catching Up With Team Friday

  1. A, you have come so far on this journey and I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO proud of you !!!! You will absolutely smash the tri-athlon !!!! And don’t worry – there are literally hundreds of other people there – you won’t go to the wrong area – you won’t put on the wrong gear – you won’t go the wrong way – because you can follow everyone else. Yes there will be other people there doing a tri-athlon for the first time, but you know what, there will be more people there who know what to do that who don’t – and so you will follow them. AND YOU WILL BE FINE !!!
    If we get our act together – we will be there too – doing the team event because there is no way I am swimming anywhere except in a pool – and we will be cheering you on the end (even if we can’t see you in all the people !!!)
    Go get ’em girl !!!!
    Love, hugs and positive energy !

  2. Aroha, I have been grappling with my exercise demons too. I was told recently of a belt that you use in the pool, I guess it keeps you afloat whilst you run in the deep end. Apparently, it is amazing for your butt and thighs. My friend is lending it to me next month, so I will let you know (or if you get one first, please let me know.)

  3. That is such a fantastic and inspiring story Aroha. I dislike running intensely and walk instead but I wonder whether I have it in me too to have a go and see where it takes me. Reading stories like yours makes me think, maybe there is a chance for me one day! Wishing you all the very best for your first triathlon in January – I’m sure you’ll be able to make the transition between events just fine!

  4. Great goal – GO FOR IT! It is good to have something tangible to work towards, I know what you mean about the weight loss not being enough after a while, I was like that too. I think it will be such an amazing experience for you and once you have done one you will be hooked! (says the girl who hasn’t done hers yet!!! ha ha).
    DO IT – then tell me how it was šŸ™‚

  5. Congratulations on coming so far, Aroha! I’ve never had such a strong desire to feel fit and strong till I noticed so many bloggers working on just that. I want the weight loss too (5 kilos should do it) and to feel comfortable in my clothes. I just need to find a way to build exercise into my lifestyle. And to try and eat better. Good luck with the triathlon training.

  6. Wow! That’s motivated. You are motivating me … Just to shed a few kilos. I’m very cuddly and I quite like it but I know that if I’m any more cuddlier I won’t fit into my jeans. I am just trying to cut down on the cheese and sweet stuff to start but a few more runs and some sit ups are in order. If I cld lose just five kilos I’d b happy.

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