The Difference Is Food

This morning I was up early – it will be a long summer waking up with daybreak when daybreak happens around the 4:30 am mark. Yesterday I decided I was going get up this morning and drive to the beach for a run. My last 2 runs I smashed PB’s, and even had my first sub-6 minute km. A 5km run at the beach would be easy-as. Right.

The problem with being competitive and needing to be good at everything you do is the inability to accept that you are not always going to do better than your best. And that is ok.

About 3.3 kms into today’s run, I said, “Fuck it.” I stopped, took my shoes and socks off, walked down to the water, and walked the last 2 kms back to my car in the cool water. Sometimes it’s ok to do that. It’s ok to not do your best, it’s ok to not push yourself beyond your limits, it’s ok to have a mental health moment, rather than a physical health moment. I can’t think of any better way than starting the day with walking along the beach, splashing in the water, the sun shining on you, before the rest of the world is up and before it’s too damn hot.

In saying all that, I think there were several factors that contributed to my “fuck it” moment this morning. We had KFC for dinner last night. And I’m pushing myself harder at PT than I ever have, and my body was tired and sore this morning. That’s a terrible combination – exhaustion + bad food + exercise. I can think of one other time when I’ve stopped mid-run and given up, and I hadn’t eaten KFC then, but I think I had eaten McDonalds. I know this is not a coincidence.

In any case, it was nice to get out and get some exercise in to start the day. Now let’s see if I can stay awake past 9 pm tonight.
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3 thoughts on “The Difference Is Food

  1. Still good work though to have the motivation to get up in the first place I say and doing something is better than staying in bed. Good on you! (P.S I am sure KFC is good for you isn’t it, don’t they say chicken is better than red meat!!!*£!!!)

  2. I agree a legend for sub 6min km …on the beach too. You still got up early and you did 5kms that is what counts . I am only running one day a week – it is just easier to walk at the moment every day. My treadmill calorie counter reckons walking at incline burns more than running anyway.
    I am jealous you get to food it on the beach too

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