Holiday Observations

You can’t help it, when you’re in a foreign place, on holiday, things just seem to jump out at you that sometimes are funny. Sometimes they’re very NOT funny. While on our trip to NZ, I started jotting down some of these things. Here are some observations from our holiday:

1. Suede ballet flats are NO good for snow. Yes, you’d think I’d have known that before I walked in the snow ice in them.

2. New Zealand is always cold. Pack for the “low” not the “high” when you look at the weather report. Even then, 8 degrees still feels like 2.

3. The cute little lamb you just took a picture of is probably going to be someone’s (yours?) dinner tonight.

4. The shortest route is not always the fastest route when using a GPS.

A “short cut” from the main road. Shortest route, but also slowed us from 100km/h to about 30km/h. We saved 2km but took an extra 30 minutes.

5. No kiwis actually work in Queenstown.

6. The weather in NZ changes often and quickly.

7. An iPad and headphones are a must for any child being made to sit in a car that is covering 2000 kms and 6 towns in 8 days. Apple, you are a god-send.

8. However long you think you need to stay in one place, add a day.

9. Heated toilet seats should be mandatory for all South Island toilets.

10. It doesn’t matter how good your intentions are, you will NOT go for ar un/do sit-ups/push-ups, or make healthy dietary choices while on holidays.

11. 4 year olds don’t care about the mountains, the scenery, any paddock filled with cows/goats/sheep (except maybe the first paddock, anything after that is boring), they are happiest when you find them a playground to run around in.

12. There is no petrol station in sight of Apex rental cars at Christchurch airport. Someone is missing a huge opportunity right there. You’re welcome.

13. Always, ALWAYS take the day after you get home, OFF WORK! Arriving home at 7 pm Sunday with no groceries in the house, 3+ loads of laundry to do, makes it really difficult to get up and go to work the next day. Just take it off!


13 thoughts on “Holiday Observations

  1. As always your posts of NZ bring back the memories – I just sat here nodding at each point as I read it (except the one about keeping 4yr old occupied – I just smiled at that one because we had that with a 15yo in Spain for 6,500km !!) !
    Have the best day – can’t wait to see you on Sunday !
    Lotsa hugs

  2. We hope to “do” NZ one day, and these all sound like excellent pieces of advice that I need to tuck away and remember. And as I feel the cold dreadfully, I will definitely take my warmest clothes, regardless of the season!!

    (via FYBF)

  3. Some wise words there. Seriously why can’t kids appreciate paddocks, mountains and scenery? Lol I hope Nic had a great time anyways

    • He was talking to his uncle on skype this morning. Hubby said, “What did we see a lot of in New Zealand? Sheep?” His uncle said, “Are there a lot of sheep in New Zealand?” and Nick goes, “Just a couple” he was being serious but it was hilarious since you know, there’s only MILLIONS of sheep! Maybe he noticed “a couple” after all?

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