OperationMOVE & Fitness Update

It’s been a while since I posted an update on my training/fitness/weight loss and OperationMOVE journey. It’s the second month of OM (hosted by Kate at Kate Says Stuff) and already I am about a quarter of the way behind. See, I based my minutes on 2 x 60 minutes PT each week, 2 x 30 minute runs and 1 x 50 minute run each week. Sadly, while I’m doing well with the PT sessions, my running is failing miserably. Actually, the last 2 times I went for a run, my heart (and my legs, arms and everything else) was just not in it. It was hard to get going, and even harder to keep going.

I am not a natural-born runner. My husband can sit out 6+ months and then go for a 5k run without too much effort. Me on the other hand, if I sat out 6 WEEKS I’d be starting almost back at square one, unable to run 1km. In my head I know this, yet I’ve still not made an effort to find the time to get these runs in. And for the rest of this month, time is something I have very little of spare. My boss is on holidays so I’m working 12 out of 14 days, and then we go on holidays. Between that and personal training, there’s very little time to get out for a run. But that’s a weak excuse. I could wake up earlier (gosh the sun is up at 5, why not me too?) or I could not put so much pressure on to run a certain distance or time. Even going for a 20 minute run in the mornings would be beneficial, right?

And so it is, I find myself sitting at 243 minutes out of 1000 minutes for October. We are spending 8 days in New Zealand at the end of the month, and while I’m sure that will involve a lot of walking and moving, it will also involve a lot of sitting (in the car) and wine drinking! So I’m not sure how to properly record that one yet. Will play it by ear.

The biggest problem I’m finding with losing weight is the mental side (that, and not have anything to wear as my clothes are all falling down! It’s expensive to replace a wardrobe, especially when you try to do it cheaply through eBay and then end up with things that don’t fit or end up paying an over-draft fee because paypal takes a couple of days to take your money by which time you’ve forgotten about the payment that’s still to come out and you’ve bought groceries and petrol and …. sorry what was I saying?).

Uhhhh, right, the mental side of losing weight…when I look in the mirror I still see the same me, 10 kgs ago. I still see “problem” bits that I’d like to get rid of. I still see how far I have to go, instead of how far I have already come. It’s taken me 7 months to lost 10 kgs, so to expect another 5 to just drop off overnight is unrealistic. It’s also unrealistic to think I can work half as hard as I have been and still get the same results. My biggest and most constant fear is that I am one bad food decision, one missed personal training session away from gaining 10 kgs overnight. I’m no longer naive to think that now the weight is off, I can ease off all the training and running and maintain this weight. My body doesn’t work like that, and it will never work like that.

So time to stop making excuses and get back out there. How many minutes have you done this month? How many are you committed to? How do you find time to exercise?

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2 thoughts on “OperationMOVE & Fitness Update

  1. I hear exactly what you are saying and really don’t know what I can say that might help except that I am in the same position (except for the weight loss because I am still trying to lose the weight that I put on when we were in NZ on holiday !!!)
    After I had done the 10km I took a break from running – with reasons/excuses about why I should have a rest. I don’t know whether that did me any good or not. Then the holiday happened and while we did a fair amount of walking – we did more driving and eating and drinking and the weight caught up with me again.
    on 29 August I finally started moving again – walking !!! I felt ashamed to start with when I realised that I was only capable of walking and running was out of the question. On 25th September I went for my first run since 30 June. I started off doing intervals because I was scared to say I was going for a run and then having to walk. It has only been the last few weeks that I have been running and even then I don’t think I have passed the 5km mark – they tend to be between 4.1 – 4.7kms. My run on Wednesday was a good run but it has taken me this long to get back into it.
    Sometimes I honestly believe we are our own worst enemy – I give advice to others on how to tackle the ups and downs of their training and then I don’t listen to a word of what I have said. I am hard on myself I know. I do expect a lot from myself I know that too. What I have realised is that I also need to love and nurture myself – I am not 20 years old anymore – my body isn’t the same as it was when I was 20 and while I would LOVE to have that body again, the reality is that I have a 47 year old body that hasn’t been treated with respect as much as it should have been and if it decides to revolt now I really only have myself to blame.
    I think maybe you need to look at your schedule for work / home / training realistically and adjust your #operationMOVE numbers. I don’t believe Kate started this challenge to make any of us feel guilty if we commit to a number and life happens and we can’t make that number. I think it is more an awareness of not sitting watching TV if we haven’t moved – but when you have as much on as you do at the moment, it is sort of setting yourself up for failure when you have goals that are unrealistic for your situation.
    I am not saying that you shouldn’t watch TV and relax because resting is as important as training but if that is all you are doing then maybe feel guilty about it but when you have put in a days work, cooked, shopped, cleaned, looked after your family and all you can do is collapse in front of the TV – it’s OK and you shouldn’t feel guilty.
    Sorry – have hi-jacked your post here but I wanted to tell you that it is OK – don’t put yourself under additional stress – exercise and looking after yourself shouldn’t cause you stress – it should be a way to relieve your stress.
    Love, big hugs and positive energy !

  2. Completely agree with the above! When I read your post what I saw was that you have done AMAZINGLY well and have been regularly going to your PT sessions twice a week, which is pretty damn good in my opinion. Don’t worry about the stuff that you haven’t been able to do but celebrate what you have been able to do. If you want to get back into your running again why not set yourself a goal of once a week at first, then it would feel much more manageable, then as you get into it and get used to it again, ramp it up to twice a week or run for longer on your once a week run. I always find that it is hard to actually get out of the house and run but I cheat myself by saying I will just do a little 20 mins but then when I am actually doing it I decide I want to run for longer (although not always!!).
    Well done on all the weight you have lost so far thats brilliant and don’t beat yourself up over what you have still to go, – the longer it takes to come off, the more likely it is to stay off. The last few kgs are the harder ones to shift but mixing up your exercise routine will help with getting them off.
    Keep up the good work!
    p.s my husb is exactly the same with his running, doesn’t do anything for months then goes and runs a 10k in some riduculous time with no effort, that I could never do with years of training! I think it must be a man thing some sort of bloody minded determination. 😉

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