The Same But Different

Lately I look a little bit different. My clothes fit a little bit different. The size on the tags of my clothes is a little bit different (a little bit smaller).

But I don’t feel different. I feel the same.

I see the same person when I look in the mirror.

I see the same tired eyes. The same blemished skin.

I see the same problem areas that need trimming (love handles, tummy, thighs).

I pick up the same sizes I used to wear when I go to try clothes on. (Out of habit).

I forget that I’m not as big as I was.

The biggest shock comes when I put on pre-child clothes. And even THEY are too big.

If it wasn’t for people I haven’t seen in a while asking me how much weight I’ve lost, I’d forget that I’ve lost 10 kgs (over 20 pounds!).

I feel happier. I look better. I move quicker. I feel fitter (when I’m not skipping 2 weeks worth of training sessions).

But I’m still the same me. With the same ideas, beliefs, hopes and wishes.

I’m the same. But different.

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24 thoughts on “The Same But Different

  1. LOVE this post ! You are so right – as our bodies change we are same but different – I really enjoyed reading how you wrote this !
    Love, hugs and positive energy !

    • Thanks L! I guess I’m a little different, you can’t change your lifestyle and NOT be different. But I mostly feel the same. Can be confusing at times!

  2. this was so well written lovely – i think everyone can identify with these feelings. You have done SO well, so incredibly well with your dedication to this journey of fitness – and your focus on how it makes you feel, rather than how you look (although it is a lovely side effect!) xx

    • Thanks L! Yeah great side effect! ha ha! I wanted to be fitter & healthier. It certainly doesn’t hurt to look better & feel better in your clothes/skin along the way šŸ˜‰ he he!

    • Wow!! 50kgs!! I can’t even imagine! I do struggle with the mental side of it, and looking in the mirror and still seeing “problems” and “fat bits”. I think 50kgs you’d need counseling to really grasp the changes?

  3. Its good you feel the same inside, thats whats meant to happen. But just try to focus on massive achievement of losing so much weight.
    I knew someone once that dropped about 30kg’s, they turned into a complete biatch and also would whinge to the high heavens if she put on 100grams.. dont fall in those steps (not the bitch bit, coz u would never, but the stressing over a few grams here and there).

    You have done SO well and look absolutely AMAZING.

    Big cheer for you A xxx

    • I don’t know about the whinging about 100 grams, but I can tell you I live in constant fear of the 10kgs piling back on and needing my “fat clothes” back that I’ve already donated! I have no intention of turning into a biatch, promise! And I try not to stress, but it’s really scary thinking, “What if I can’t keep this up?” Eek! Thanks for your lovely words.

    • Thanks! It is definitely a huge achievement. Maybe I’m capable of more than I give myself credit for in other areas as well?

  4. Well done! I’m in the process of losing weight too and have lost some so far with a little more to go. I went shopping for the first time since embarking on this process today and it was awesome to have proof that I have lost weight and that I’m nearly where I want to be. I still see the imperfections and I will never be how I want to be but I’m happy focusing on how far I have come and that I am healthier and happier than I was a the start of the journey. As you said so well, I feel the same but different….

    • It is so great to feel good, isn’t it? The most noticeable part for me is my waist – I actually have one now! And I don’t feel conscious wearing a bit tighter top and showing it off! Well done to you too, keep up the good work!

  5. Well done, losing weight takes effort and commitment but the rewards are immense….a new wardrobe especially and a great feeling. I’m glad you are feeling fitter and healthier too.

    • Thanks Trish. It’s been a long journey to this point, feel like there’s still a ways to go, but thankful (and proud) to have gotten this far!

  6. It’s hard to see the change in ourselves sometimes, but 10kg is a great effort. It’s amazing how much more energy, and how much lighter you feel.
    And I’m glad you haven’t changed on the inside. šŸ™‚

    • I’ve never understood people who have lost weight and it’s changed their personality. I can understand being more confident and feeling better about yourself…I don’t know. Maybe I haven’t lost enough weight for my personality to change? or maybe I’m just awesome. That’s probably it. šŸ˜‰

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