Thankful For Being Sick

Yes you read that right. Today I am thankful for being sick. Last week I was sick, and while at the time I wasn’t very appreciative, I was happy to have two days in a row off work to stay home and relax. I even treated myself to a walk along the beach on the second day when I was feeling much better, just me and my iPod. It was amazing!

I was then asked to work all day Monday in exchange for all day Sunday off, which resulted in two more days in a row off work. You see, my RDOs are Wednesday and Saturday. Which I had been managing ok, until recently. I loved having the whole weekend off with my boys and much time was spent, again, at the beach.

Then this week I got a call from kindy to pick Nick up because he was having coughing fits. The Mechanic went and picked him up and I took Tuesday off work to stay home with him. Having Tuesday and Wednesday off work this week and just staying home with my favourite boy was just awesome. I got some spring cleaning done, I cooked yummy dinners, Nick and I even napped Tuesday afternoon.

While I’m not thankful for the actually sickness, I am thankful for the excuse to stop, relax, unwind, spend time at home, get stuck into a few cupboards and even my closet/chest of drawers (which resulted in 2 big bags to donate to St. Vinnies) and hang with my little guy.

It’s made me realise I can’t keep up this split RDOs. I need at least 2 together. Now I just need to figure out how that’s going to happen and how to get my bosses on board. I’m truly thankful for this job, but I’d be even more thankful if I got more of a break from it every week!

Linking up with the lovely Kate at Kate Says Stuff who is Thankful to be meeting her new nephew this week! Lucky Duck!

Kate Says Stuff


8 thoughts on “Thankful For Being Sick

  1. I have found that not having two consecutive days off in a week is extremely tiring. When I was studying and working I had lectures during the week in the evenings and then all day Sunday – it was horrible only having one day of the weekend off. There just isn’t enough time to unwind and relax. Try to do what you can to get two days off even if it is Sunday/Monday as I know that where you work would be busy on the weekend.
    I love clearing out – I am doing it in bits and pieces and slowly getting through cupboards / areas. I always feel so much lighter after having dropped off bags of good things at Lifeline that I know other people will use and I just hope they get as much enjoyment from them as I did whether it be clothes or kitchen goods or books.
    Glad you are both feeling a bit better – it won’t be long before you are back out pounding the streets !
    Love, hugs and positive energy !

    • It is really so hard. I thought I was coping ok, until I had 3 lots of 2 days off together (me sick, switched w/ coworker & then Nick sick) and I realised how much difference it makes. Def realized I wasn’t coping. Thanks for your support as always. xo

  2. Split RDOs are hard! Hope you can talk the bosses into coming around. Two days off in a row is a much better way to rejuvenate – which will increase your productivity right?

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