Thankful Thursday with the lovely @KateSaysStuff

Disclaimer: I’m actually blogging this early and scheduling it for Thursday. When you are time poor, this is what you do.

I have to be honest, I am finding myself struggling for new/unique/legitimate things to be thankful for each week. I feel like always being thankful for my son/husband/family/job/roof over our heads/fitness team is a bit monotonous and lame. It’s not, of course, but really I can’t just regurgitate the same thing every week and call it Thankful Thursday.

This week I’m thankful that we got mum to babysit Nick while we went to a wedding out west. The setting was absolutely amazing, but it was nice not to have to chase around after a 4 year old all afternoon/evening. We spent about as much time in the car as we spent at the wedding, but the scenery was stunning and the bridge and groom glowing. I love weddings, and have to say, it wasn’t that horrible to stay sober! Can’t remember the last time I did that at a wedding!

I’m thankful for my new running partner. It’s amazing how much easier/better it is to run with someone else, with no pressure to talk, you can just run in silence, and coach each other on (not that I have to do much coaching!) when you’re starting to struggle. There’s definitely no excuses for quitting when you’re running with someone else!

I’m thankful my sisters are having babies. I feel like our chances are getting slimmer and slimmer. It is so hard to stay positive when month after month it’s all negative. At this point I think we both sometimes wonder if we’re fooling ourselves about going back to having a newborn! My sisters having babies is perfect – I can get lots of baby fixes without the sleep deprivation and weight gain.

I’m thankful for social media and networking with other bloggers and friends to keep my fitness on track. From Team Friday, to #OperationMOVE, and all the individual movers and bloggers in between, there is such a great support group if you seek it out.

I’m thankful for a lovely breakfast with L from My Journey – Am I There Yet on Sunday morning. It was great to hear about her stories from NZ and to sit, chat, eat and sip coffee! If you get a chance, ask her about playing in the snow! Not skiing or snowboarding, just playing.

I’m thankful for Kate’s Thankful Thursday, because it forces me to stop and be grateful when it would be much easier not to be.

What are you thankful for this week? Link up with Kate Says Stuff and tell us!



16 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday with the lovely @KateSaysStuff

  1. A beautiful post. I understand your sentiments exactly! I sometimes find it hard to find something to write a whole post about for gratefulness, but I like that it forces me to stop, reflect and think about it, and I always seem to get there in the end.

    Fingers crossed for another baby for you, it is disheartening to see the negatives every month, but I have faith for you!

    xx Amy

    • Thanks Amy. My faith is dwindling, but I really do realise we have it pretty good just the 3 of us, and if that’s how it’s meant to be, then that’s ok too.

  2. I am so in the same boat – so I’m taking a hiatus today. But I don’t think its bad thing the things we continually are grateful for, but I do understand its all about trying to not repeat ones self.
    I don’t know how you feel about wanting to have a baby etc but I have seen it happen to my best friend and I felt her pain as real as my own. Just hoping wishing praying for you xxx

    • Thanks Meagan. It’s really hard month after month to “fail” but I am trying really hard to always see the positive and to not give up just yet. It is heart breaking for sure, and so unfair on so many different levels!

  3. All good things to be grateful for. And there is nothing wrong with being grateful about the same things every week, in fact I reckon that in itself is something to be thankful about!

    • Good point! It is nice to have that consistent gratitude, and let’s face it, family, health and a roof over our heads are all something many people would LOVE to have every week!

  4. L is great! I loved my time with her on Saturday night… even if we didn’t get a lot of time to chat.
    Just sending love, hugs, strength, laughter and all the good vibes you need. xxXOoo

    • Thanks Carmen! She is great, isn’t she? I’m going to come with her next time! Unfortunately I couldn’t last week as we were at a wedding! Thanks for the love and hugs…

  5. I’m grateful that you mentioned me in your blog! It is me right? Unless your doing secret training with someone else!? Hehe I’m so grateful to run with you too, your the bomb.

  6. I’m generally a solo runner. Mr. Mandie would love to run with me, but I tend to prefer to go on my own. I’m so glad your sisters are having babies too – nothing like heaps of cousins for your little man! Sending you positive baby vibes from my part of the world. Great thankful post x

    • Thanks Mandie! If I’m just running 4 or 5km I’m ok on my own, but that 7+km I really need some extra pushing and motivation, so really helps to have someone with me! I’m not sure what Nick is going to think of the babies. He’s been around babies before but never for an extended period of time, really. He’s going to be quite a bit older than them, too, but I’m sure he’ll be great with them.

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