Thankful Thursday

I’ve been reading some stories on a news website this morning, one of them about young people being forced to choose between having babies, or buying a house to raise them in. About families being forced to choose between paying the rent and putting food on the table. About how much the cost of housing has increased and how much it costs us all on a weekly basis. I am so thankful that none of the situations the article listed relates to us. We had literally nothing when we had Nick. We were on one income, driving my nan’s really old Daewoo wagon. Even for the 12 months after having Nick, a $10 bottle of wine was a luxury and something I, more often than not, went without.

Our weekly rent is 18% of our nett income. We don’t live in a big house, and we rent off my mum. I do realise – often – how very fortunate we are to have this option. If we didn’t, we’d be paying at least $50-$150 more to rent a place, possibly as much as 28% of our income. There are times I wish we could rent a house, and have a bit of a yard with an outdoor entertaining area. But then we would have to pay more money and rent off someone we don’t know. It just doesn’t seem worth it at this stage of our lives. We have owned a house and experienced all the issues that go with it, and are not in great desperation to do that again just yet. It is hard to know what would be worse – having to rent from strangers, or having to worry about whether or not you could make your mortgage payment should something happen – injury, illness, loss of job, whatever. So for now we will stay where we are. It’s in a fantastic location just 5 minutes from the beach, 5 minutes from Nick’s new school he’ll start in January and just 15 minutes from both our work. It’s a great space for the 3 of us and it allows us the opportunity to do more, like our holiday to New Zealand.

We’ve also just booked a couple nights away with 2 other families for a few weeks after we get back from NZ. It gives us something to look forward to when we suffer our post-holiday blues. The kids will love the cabins by the beach with the playground and BBQ area just across the way. And the adults will love it when the kids are asleep in the cabins and we can have adult beverage time.

We are really so very fortunate and have so much to be thankful for. This week I’m particularly thankful for friends and family.


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18 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. There’s a lot to be said for renting from your Mom. It certainly does make a difference. It is hard that some people have to make those choices. When we got married, A had a house through work and, as an apprentice, brought home less than $10 a month after the house payment. We lived on macaroni cheese and mince for the longest time. But, eventually we got to where we are today which is partly due to our hard work and partly due to the fact that we moved countries (we think anyway).
    Have the best day and can’t wait to catch up on Sunday !

    • Wow $10 a month!?!? I can’t even fathom that!! How old ARE you!? 😉 We really do have it pretty good and I know it’s because we work hard and earn it, too!

  2. I think you are in a fantastic spot and your decision is a great one to stay there. Although we love our home, it really does suck at times as we currently sit at around 40% of our income going directly to the mortgage (and the sad news is that is just basically interest with about 1% principal being paid off!). But like yourself, we have to make the best of what we have. Everyone has a different story, different struggles and the like. Nobody knows the full story of another. Nobody needs to know either. We chose this, so can’t keep putting hand to forehead saying “woe is me”. I constantly have the struggle of thinking “what have we done!” but do you know what, we made the decision, for the most part the house is fantastic, yeah the bills suck but hey, you only live once. Life is too short to be worrying about the should’a, could’a and would’a’s … ps. where are you going after NZ?!?! Me jealous!!!

    • We’re just going to Fingal Head – not far – with 2 family friends. I met the mums and oldest kids at playgroup after having Nick. They’ve since had more kids, so there’s 6 adults and 6 kids, 2 others are Nick’s age, so will have a blast! And Mel your house is amaaaaaazing and something you’ll have for such a long time! SO worth it!

  3. haha .. me jealous alright … but also know we will be suffering from the Falls Creek fall out for quite some time. See, that is where I go so wrong … I live off credit! You don’t! So you need to be thankful for having an amazing head on your shoulders that is logical and smart. That is what has got you to where you are! Give yourself a big pat on the back my dear, gorgeous friend!

    • Well that’s only b/c we’ve made the mistake before of putting too much on credit and not being able to pay it! (Why do you think we left the country?!?! haha – sort of)

    • It’s a bit selfish and indulgent, but it’s only 2 nights, not that far from home, and not that much money. But yes, something to look forward to between holiday and Christmas which is great!

  4. it was interesting AK and I had a convo last night re kids when one actually SMILED at me in the supermarket (incredible, as most scream, literally, not even joking) and we, unfortunately are one of those couples who have to make that choice… because regardless of where we live in this state, rents are ridiculous and house prices are still inflated and it just is what it is – renting is the same cost as a mortgage, sometimes the mortgage is actually cheaper!
    i think you are in a great spot – it sounds like it is working so well for you, and i love that you have a great perspective on it…. and im still jealous your weather is better! x

    • We can still rent cheaper than paying a mortgage here so we are lucky in that respect too and yes, our weather will ALWAYS be better! I am sorry you are in the position to have to make that choice. It’s really not fair. No one should have to sacrifice a family for a house and vice versa (I don’t think!)

  5. So great you have something to look forward to! We are also one of the lucky families in a similar situation. I like to count my blessings… and this is indeed one of them.
    Have an awesome holiday away! 🙂 xxXOoo

    • Thanks CJ! it is a huge blessing isn’t it? I forget how many people out there aren’t as lucky when it comes to having a roof over their heads. And we will certainly try to have a fantastic holiday!

  6. It’s a great idea to book a weekend away to get over the inevitable holiday blues. I hope you have a really wonderful trip. When do you go?

    The cost of renting at the moment is totally ridiculous. We ended up moving out to the suburbs so that we could afford a bigger place with a garden, but the downside is that I have no friends locally and end up driving back to Newtown 3/4 times a week so spending a fortune on petrol!


    • We don’t go on the holiday until the end of October. But we booked it 5 months ago, so I’m sure it will be here before we know it!

      I keep looking at houses that are further out, but we’d still pay more in rent plus we’d be so much further away from work/mum/beach. Living here allows us a pretty great lifestyle!

  7. Sounds like things are just right for your family at this point in time – close to work, school and the sea – what more could you want? And that is very clever booking a post-holiday mini-holiday to avoid the post holiday blues! Sounds wonderful.

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