Warning: It’s A Political Rant #IBOT

It’s been a while since I Blog(ged) On Tuesday. It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s that I feel like I have nothing to say. Nothing that anyone wants to listen to, anyway.

I have plenty of opinions on the upcoming US presidential election. I lived there for 11 years and was fairly invested come election time every 4 years. It took me a little while to really understand who was who, what was what, which party believed in which things, but once I got it, I really felt quite strongly about it.

Which is why, when the polls show Romney and Ryan ahead of Obama, I just don’t understand. I don’t understand how people who lived through 8 years of Bush administration could think that Obama is the one ruining the country. I don’t understand how people who watch on in absolute terror and heartache, as innocent people are gunned down, could support a political ticket that is anti-gun-control. I don’t understand how people can be so compassionateless as to force a woman who was raped and as a result became pregnant, to carry and birth that child if she doesn’t want to. I don’t understand how people can be so intolerant, closed-minded and prejudice against allowing same-sex couples to marry or to adopt children. Most of all what I don’t understand, is how people can vote to have people with these beliefs hold the title and the power of President. These are people who don’t want the poor to get “hand outs”, they don’t want to be “socialists” but they are ok with being gun-wielding bigots who can tell women what they can and can not do with their bodies.

I wish that there truly was a “separation of church and state” as written in the constitution, but there is not. Politics and religion always seem to go hand in hand and religion often seems to dictate major political decisions. It’s wrong. Not everyone has the same religious convictions. Not everyone has the same political convictions, either and like I’ve said before, no one party can ever make every person happy.

But saying you can’t get married or can’t adopt a baby because you’re gay is like saying you can’t get married or adopt a baby because you have red hair. Because you are different to someone else should not mean you can’t have the same rights as the next person. There are some truly horrible heterosexuals out there, some I have only 2 degrees separation from, who have kids that the state has taken off them, yet they are now pregnant with another one. They’re drug-addicts, and it’s not bad enough that the universe thinks it’s ok for them to keep having children, but the government who already know they’re not fit to be parents, can’t or won’t do anything to stop it. But two loving, caring, upstanding citizens, because they happen to love someone of the same sex as them, can’t adopt these kids and give them a good home. Which home do you think they’d be better off in?

It really disappoints me when people use the Bible, God, Jesus, as an excuse to just be an asshole. It disappoints me that people pick and choose which parts of the bible they are going to preach/support/want enforced. Mostly it just disappoints me when humanity think things like Gay Marriage are the big issues worth fighting tooth and nail over. You know, not war, poverty, famine, world hunger, world peace. Yes, let’s choose our president by electing which one will forbid gays any simple human rights.


43 thoughts on “Warning: It’s A Political Rant #IBOT

  1. Great post – so well said A !!! I get very confused with the USA politics (still trying to get my head around Australian) but I totally agree with you !
    Have the best day ever !
    Love, hugs and positive energy.

    • It is not so bad when you are living in it. I think I was a bit blinded by the US politics and thought Australian would be better when we moved here, but it’s just as corrupt and unfair. I think its probably like that everywhere.

  2. I would agree with much of what you say if it was as plain and clear as you put it. Everyone who votes against Obama is not an ogre. They are not as ugly as you and the democrats portray them with their fear mongering and lies. Some believe the solution to many social problems is to have a sound economy and they do not believe Obama is capable of doing that. Maybe they are wrong, but they are sincere and are not bigoted homophobic women hating pigs. Some are, and some on the other side are just as bad. It is way more complicated then you portry it. THere are pigs, lyers and scum on both sides. Abortion is not going to be overturned, gays are gaining rights to partnerships and adoption slowly in more and more states. We have many problems in this country, fear mongering is one of them. Who should lead the USA as president? I don’t know. I know who I am voting for, but I am not sure my candidate should win, I just know it is very very complicated. I wish I could simplify it as easily as so many people seem to be able to do.

    Good post though, making people think is always a good thing.

    • Nothing in politics is ever simple or straight forward, but our opinions can be. I think both parties have good points and I think both have atrociously BAD points. Unfortunately it’s a 2-party system and there will most likely never be a party that combines all the good. You are right tho, there are liars, scum, pigs on both sides. And the other problem (for politicians) is that once you pick a party, you have to align with all their beliefs, even if you may not necessarily believe them or you’ll never get the vote. Which lets face it, is all of their bottom-line goals. Every country and every political system has problems, I don’t question or deny that, but the issues I talked about, which are few, really do concern me. Just like the Republicans might not be as bad as the Dems make out, neither are the Democrats as bad as the Republicans make out. And what makes me laugh (not in a funny way) is that it wasn’t ok to criticize Bush and people thought Michael Moore was out of line with his documentaries, but now there’s a movie about Obama. I could go on and on, obviously. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

    • i know people are entitled to their opinions but when those opinions judge and discriminate against others…I wonder if they’re really entitled to them. It is sad for sure. .

  3. “But saying you can’t get married or can’t adopt a baby because you’re gay is like saying you can’t get married or adopt a baby because you have red hair”

    This makes my blood boil because I agree wholeheartedly. The idea that someone has fewer rights because of the person they fall in love with? How is that ‘constitutional’?

    • oh i have NO idea!! it is really disturbing. and the absolute disgust and hatred some people have for it is sickening.

  4. OH MY GOSH I LOVE THIS!!!! AND We love hearing what you have to say, love!

    You really have nutted it right down haven’t you, and all I can do is shake my head because as Kate said above, my blood is boiling too. I get so angry about things like this because even if you state the facts – people are so so so set in their ways – they scream for change but they are terrified if it actually comes true – they scream for freedom and rights – but they vote the complete opposite. If OBAMA doesn’t get re elected my faith in humanity will slide even further!!!!


    • Thanks Meagan! I appreciate your comments! You are so right though, there is just no changing some people. Unfortunately hate is deeply ingrained and passed down to generations all too often.

  5. great rant and i agree! i said in my 30 things post that i don’t believe we should divide people and give rights and opportunities to some and not others – ALL people in this day and age should be equal and i honestly cannot fathom how it was ever decided in the first place that it was ok to discriminate based on sexual orientation after so many years fighting for the rights of all genders and races (and then take 2 steps back)

    • It really does feel like in 2012 we should be far more advanced than we are as far as human rights go. any kind of prejudiced really should be left burried so very far in the past. I hope when our kids are older they’ll be living in a very different world.

  6. I am intensely interested in both Australian and US politics (I did my honors thesis on Richard Nixon!) and am so depressed about it all. There seems to be distinct cycles where the left and right take turns to dominate politics and unfortunately we seem to be heading into a conservative period both here and in the US. I really hope voters over there think about their vote (if they take the time to vote at all) and try to take in the big picture rather than believing the Republican’s rhetoric blaming Obama for everything. We’ll have to wait and see what November brings, I guess. Thanks for this post!

    • Yes, will be interesting to see what happens in November. And I’m scared that you might be right – politics is shifting to back to the conservatives. But seeing what Campbell Newman has already done in QLD … people just get blinded by what they think is going to happen and then politicians do the dirty and don’t deliver or have secret plans hiding up their sleeves. I feel pretty deluded about the whole thing really!

  7. Oh no…I knew there was a reason I haven’t listened to the news in over a month. It is too hard to bear! I don’t get the dramatic swing back to conservative either. The poor democrats came in when things were so ultimately f*cked. Of course it is going to take a long while for things to improve…patience. A similar (less dramatic) trend is happening in Australia, and it makes my skin crawl. But what can I do? All I do is vote. I am sure there are many who will sympathise with your rant. x

    • Thanks Zanni. You are right, that is all we can do unfortunately. Let our decision be heard, and hope that it falls in our favour! Yes, Obama was screwed from the day he was elected. Everyone put the world on his shoulders I think and expected more than anyone less than super-hero status could deliver. I think the state of affairs was in a “will get worse before it gets better” type situation and what was he going to do, pull funding to O/S troops? That was Bush’s war that Obama was left to clean up. Not to mention all the other problems! Thanks for your comment. Fingers crossed hey?!

  8. The most ridiculous thing about those who use the Bible to be selective bigots is they miss the point anyway. The whole Bible rests on two simple acts, love your neighbour as yourself, and love God. That’s it; the rest is really history. Scary when u think this great land was the number one economic power for so long. Wish JFK was still here, he’d back Mr O. x

    • I was thinking the other day about how the terrorist have really won. We thought the fact they were able to execute the attack and put so much fear into people was what made them win, but what they did has had far further reaching effects. this GFC happened (I think) in large part bc of 9/11. The trillions of $ spent on war has not helped the economy! Recessions have happened before so hopefully the end of this mess isn’t too far away.

  9. As a Christian, I too get annoyed when people choose what parts of the bible they want to quote and believe in. America was initially build on a biblical foundation but that has changed dramatically since.
    I think it’s important to remember though, that even if a person is opposed to gay marriage, it doesn’t mean they are a bigot, or prejudice. It’s simply their belief.

    • America is built on a constitution written hundreds of years ago by a group of white elitist men who thought it was ok to make black people slaves and who treated women as second class citizens. I have been thinking about people’s beliefs and I think this one in particular is misguided, offensive and no matter which way you look at it, it’s prejudiced. If you believe in Jesus, God, heaven, the resurrection, Adam and Eve then that is fine, but when those beliefs infringe on the lifestyle of others I just can’t say it’s ok “because it’s a belief”.

    • Honestly, I don’t understand it. I understand a bit more from the older generations, but young people?! How can they think it’s ok to deny people basic human rights?!

    • Thanks Kylie! Will try and participate this week! I think we are already heading down the same path here! Just surprises me how many people think it’s ok to let the bible dictate state and federal legislature. I’m sorry, last time I looked not every single person was Christian? Why should we all be forced to live by Christian rules?

  10. I too hope that Obama still makes it in. It does astound me how quickly people forget the damage that the Bush administration created.
    And I love this:
    It really disappoints me when people use the Bible, God, Jesus, as an excuse to just be an asshole. It disappoints me that people pick and choose which parts of the bible they are going to preach/support/want enforced
    I’ve just been in a fiery debate on Twitter with a pastor of my church after he posted a stupid “marriage is between a man and a woman because it says so in the Bible”
    Then there was a string of comments of just stupid Bible quotes. Funny how people can make judgements and hold opinions that don’t effect them in the slightest.

    • Oh Grace – EXACTLY my thoughts – how does it affect them!? What if people said, “You can’t get married, you’re Catholic” !!?? How is it any different!? Other than you know, they CHOOSE to be Catholic?! (for example)

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