The 30 Things Challenge

I read Dorothy’s challenge to post 30 positive qualities about yourself and link up with her Things I Know bloghop on Monday. I accepted the challenge right away, thinking that all I had to do was come up with six things each day and I’d have it written! Here I sit, not a one written down or recorded anywhere. But I am not worried, because I am confident there are MORE than 30 positive things about me so coming up with just 30 will be a piece of cake. . o O (mmmm cake). Easily distracted is NOT on the list!

Without further ado, here they are:

1. I am considerate. I always try to think of others, not just myself and consider their situation/challenges/emotions.

2. I am helpful. If you need help I will do what I can to provide it, even go out of my way to do so.

3. I know when to keep my opinions to myself (not something that has always been a positive quality of mine, it’s taken a lot of work.)

4. I’ve got your back. If you are my family or my friend, or even just someone who I think is standing up for what they believe in and I agree with you…I have your back completely.

5. I’m supportive and encouraging. I absolutely believe you can do whatever you want to, and I will tell you that and make you believe it too.

6. I’m funny. You may not think so, but I do, and that’s enough for me. As long as I can make myself laugh, that’s all that matters!

7. I have a fairly decent eye for photography. Some of my work is not so bad. Always room for improvement, but I’ve got heaps of pics that I’m proud of and there are families and friends who will always have memories of events, because I captured them!

8. I’m punctual. This might not seem like an important quality to many people, but it really is. Is there anything WORSE than someone who is perpetually LATE?

9. I’m friendly. I can and will talk to anyone, about almost anything.

10. I’m brave. Sort of. I was brave, when I was 18 I moved away from home to live o/s. I came back 11 years later and completely flourished and thrived on my own. However I find the older I get the less brave I feel. Although I hate to fly, but I do it anyway, otherwise I’ll never do or see anything really cool.

11. I’m open-minded. And funny enough I can’t think of anything to add to that.

12. I am an awesome mum. My son is loved, happy, confident, caring and considerate. I can’t take all the credit tho, his dad is a pretty awesome dad, too. I am often complimented on what a good/sweet/good-mannered kid I have.

13. I work hard. At work, at home, at training, at being the best me I can be.

14. I’m neat and tidy. A clean house is a clean mind!

15. I’m athletic – I run, work out, play tennis, golf, and will try just about any other sport you challenge me too. I’m not saying everyone has to or should be athletic, but it is one of my stronger qualities, I think.

16. I’m fairly smart. I mean, I have a bachelors degree and a graduate certificate. I’ve had intentions of also gaining my masters, which I know I can do, it’s finding the time that is the challenge.

17. Speaking of time, I’ve got fairly good time management skills. By which I mean I can cram as much into one day as possible and not completely collapse. So maybe it’s not GREAT time management after all?

18. I want the best for people. I want you to succeed at what you do, to be happy with what you do and who you are, to be the best you can be. I’m rooting for you!

19. I’m a good list maker (except apparently when it comes to making lists about all my positive qualities).

20. I’m pretty. Oh so pretty. Definitely not ugly. -Contributed by my husband

21. I am a good listener. And I am pretty good at telling you what you want to hear as well as throwing a little bit of what you need to hear in there too.

22. I am creative. Sort of. Need some invites, announcements or thank you cards made? I’m your girl. But I am too lazy to actually try and make some kind of business of this.

23. I’m sensitive. I think one of the most important qualities a person can have is compassion and the ability to empathize with others. I think if more people tried to understand others’ situations we would live in a better place.

24. I am thankful. I realise how much I am blessed with and I am thankful for it every day.

25. I love life. I haven’t always. I went through a (long) period of distinctly NOT loving it. Loving it is so much more enjoyable.

26. I am not afraid to ask for help. I am not too proud to think I can or must do everything on my own. It is not possible, I am not Super Woman.

27. I am determined. More so now than I ever was. I am determined to stick to my training and my healthier lifestyle, no matter what it takes. I am determined for my son to have a happy childhood with lots of life lessons and experiences.

28. I don’t like to disappoint people or let them down. While this is a quality that benefits those around me, it is sometimes at my own peril because I need to learn to say no. But I also think it is a quality that not enough people possess. Some people don’t care who they disappoint.

29. I am real. What you see is what you get. My emotions are often on my sleeve – and my face!

30. I’m just likeable. I’m no different to you, or the next person, just trying to make my way in the world. Trying to enjoy my time here with those I love.

For shits and giggles, a couple of things I threw out there that got shot down by my husband.
* I am a good singer. His response to this one? “Well, you sing.”
* I am a good driver. His response to this one? “That’s a fucking lie and you know it.”

Why don’t you take the challenge and link up with Dorothy at Singular Insane for Things I Know : The 30 Things Challenge Edition.


12 thoughts on “The 30 Things Challenge

  1. Oh I love your list.. you know, as I was reading it I realised a lot of it applied to me as well, maybe that’s why I love you so much.. šŸ˜‰ Oh and I think you’re a good driver, can’t comment on the singing though xo

  2. What a fantastic list! I’m glad you got there in the end.

    Now I have to go add a good driver and singer to my list. And I don’t have anyone to tell me otherwise šŸ˜‰

    Thanks for joining me in this and I hope you found it an enjoyable and positive experience.

    • Thanks Dorothy, this was a great challenge and I’m glad I stuck it out and didn’t put it in the “too hard” pile.

    • aww thank you Tracey! I will definitely add singing and driving to the next one. Followed by “I don’t let anyone tell me I am not good at something!”

  3. Great list. I’m so with you about the punctuality thing. My husband is an always late offender, drives me insane because I’ve always been inclined to be early to engagements.

    Oh and I’m funny like you too! Not sure who else agree, although I always get a laugh from my little boys. Maybe I’m deluded šŸ™‚

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