A Good Excuse

Sometimes you just need to have a break, to rest, let your body catch up on whatever it is it needs. I find, lately, we are always on the go. A day to just stay home and do nothing all day? I don’t remember the last time that happened. I’m starting to wonder if it ever has? Today we are just taking a few hours to relax. Still, we can’t take all afternoon because Nick’s swimming lesson is today. I know I am not the only one who never gets to rest. I know, compared to many, I have it easy, especially with “only” one child.

But only having one child doesn’t meant we’re not busy. It doesn’t mean we have all the spare time in the world at our disposal. It just means we use our time differently. A while back I did a time audit for Deb’s 52 Weeks To Simplify Your Life, so I thought I’d sit down and do another one, to see what changes have happened since then.

Back then this is a snapshot of what my time looked like:

  • Working (35 hours)
  • Watching TV (20 hours)
  • Social media 7-10 hours (and I still can’t keep up!).
  • Sleeping 56 hours

Now it looks a little like this:

  • Working (33 hours)
  • Social Media (10 and 20 minutes here and there whenever I get a chance)
  • Watching TV/Reading (10 hours)
  • Sleeping (56 hours)
  • Running/Training/Tennis (10 hours – many of which were previous spent under the “social media” category!)

I feel like things are balanced a little bit more because I have more time on the weekends. Only working 4 hours on a Sunday and not working Saturdays makes a big difference. Still, with Nick starting school next year, I’d like to be home a bit more. Right now I feel like I am run off my feet and never at home. And when I am, there is laundry to do, bathrooms to clean, cooking to be done (all of which need to be done as I sit here and type this).

I think I am more balanced, but still struggling to find the perfect balance. This morning we went to a morning tea orientation for the school we have Nick enrolled in. We don’t know if he’s for sure in, we don’t even know if he will definitely start school in January. Being born on the cut off day makes me pretty nervous about sending him along as the very youngest in the class. Had he been born 10 hours later, he wouldn’t be allowed to start school in January!

This morning, I kept thinking of excuses for cancelling today and not going. I didn’t really want to go, Nick wasn’t convinced about going. I worried about both of us socially. I hoped he’d see someone from kindy he knew. Up until 30 minutes before we had to go I was still thinking of excuses as to why we couldn’t go. Finally it was time to leave, and I knew, for both our sakes, we just had to do it. When we walked in I spotted some familiar faces right away. There were at least 4 others from his kindy there, and while that didn’t help him to warm up right away, after an hour or so he really had opened up and was just FINE. I, too, got to talk to some lovely women who all have kids at the school already, and whose sons and daughters will start there in 2013. Now my biggest problem isn’t Nick starting school, it’s him NOT starting school! If they think he’s not ready and he does another year of kindy, his next group of friends are all going to a different school and this group will be a year ahead.

For today, I won’t dwell on it. There’s nothing I can think about or do this afternoon that will change anything, so it is what it is. Instead, I’ll enjoy a few more hours before I have personal training and will just relax in the (relatively) peace and quiet, and maybe contemplate how I can achieve that perfect balance without having to come up with excuses all the time.



One thought on “A Good Excuse

  1. A good friend of mine in the UK had the exact same dilemma as you, her little boy was born on the cut off and started school just a few weeks after he turned 4 (they start early in the UK). He was fine, but she was very worried about what to do. I can put you in touch with her if you’d like to chat xo

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