Team Friday

I haven’t been too good at linking in with Team Friday lately, which is silly, because so much of my life now revolves around fitness and exercise. By “so much” I don’t mean I am obsessed over it, or even that I do it every day, but I am far more active than I have been in the last probably 5 years, and I can feel it!

I don’t have a lot of time during the week to do as much as I’d like to do (really, who does?). I’d like to be running 5kms at least 3 times a week, but I’m not. What am I doing? Well I’ve just upped my group personal training sessions to 2 times a week and will now be going Monday mornings and Wednesday nights. I play tennis on Wednesday mornings and most Saturdays (doubles, nothing too strenuous). I try to run at least twice a week in addition to all that. The last couple of Saturday mornings I’ve had my husband and son drop me at one beach, and I run and meet them at another beach, 6-7kms away. I have no choice but to keep going until I reach them, and the last two weeks I’ve surprised myself with not only my ability to run that far, but to run the whole way and do it in a respectable (for me) time.

I get passed by other runners, I get passed by bicyclists, I pass people who look like they’ve not yet gone to bed, I pass people who are walking with friends. I don’t care. I don’t care about anyone else, just me, the road, the mountain I have to go over, and getting to my boys (and coffee) at the other end. The first week I did 6.5kms. Last week I had them drop me a little further away and did 7kms. The whole way was into the wind, some places worse than other more protected parts of the path. It was a struggle, and I didn’t think I’d do it. Not only did I do it, I did it with some great times. The 5th kilometer hurt my time as it was up over 8 min/km range. If not for that one, I might have got under the 7 min/km barrier.

I always feel sick to my stomach before this run, and before going to personal training, but I always feel great after doing it. AND, a major milestone for me, I can now do our warm-up run at training without walking. This is huge, as our trainer lives in a pretty hilly area. On the flat, I’m fine, throw in a hill….not so good. But finally, in my 12th week of group personal training, I finally conquered the warm-up run.

As I sit here, I realise I don’t really have any goals for my working out and my fitness. I think I will work on them for next week’s Team Friday post. Got any ideas on what I could include? Let me know in the comments.

Linking up with Stacey-Lee at Get On With It Already for Team Friday. Won’t you link up too?


2 thoughts on “Team Friday

  1. Wow! Those sound like great runs! Amazing to keep at that pace as well!
    I never want to get out of bed to exercise, but I always feel great after I do. It has become a great cycle for me!

  2. With a set end place, you have no choice to keep going, what a great strategy! And the views not too bad either going from beach to beach, great idea. As I get further into my running (baby steps) I think I’ll need to set some goals too, it could very well be a factor in what stopped me last time, got bored with it and had nothing to strive for ..

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