Thankful Thursday

You know the drill, it’s Thursday, which means giving thanks and sharing over at Kate’s blog with all the other lovely bloggers who have heaps of awesome things to be grateful for.



I’ve been thinking about this quote a lot lately. Some people may say they don’t believe in God, but take God out of it. What if you woke up today with only the things you were grateful for yesterday? What would you have today? I bet a lot would have nothing.

Every day I’m grateful for my son, my husband, family, friends, job, my life, my health. And if that is all I woke up with tomorrow, then everything would be ok.


Source: via Katie on Pinterest


I’m starting to get excited for our trip to New Zealand. I am so thankful we stopped talking about it and just booked it.  I can’t wait to have 8 days away from everything. To be isolated from internet, work, all of it. It can’t come soon enough, and it won’t last long enough, but I will be thankful for every second of it!




Linking up with Kate from Kate Says Stuff for Thankful Thursday.


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