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It’s been a while, so I’m linking up with Stacey-Lee at Get On With It Already for Team Friday. I’m mostly doing this because I’ve just taken my measurements. And I’ve lost a total of 13 cms in about 7 weeks!

I first started my fitness kick in February of 2011, but blew out my ankle. That was the end of that. Back then I took my measurements before I started. Here’s how my chart looks. Granted it’s over a 19+ month time frame, but still…

Since January last year, I’ve lost a total of 41 cms. Since June of this year, I’ve lost 13 cms! Back in January of 2011 I weighed 87 kgs. I haven’t actually lost a lot of weight since then. I did lose some, but I put it all back on again, because I wasn’t doing it the right way. I’m not sure what I weigh right now, but I know at my heaviest, I was 88kgs. I’m a tall girl (about 178cms) so I sometimes can get away with it, but I felt awful. I felt heavy, lethargic, tired all the time. I don’t really like to go by a number on a scale, because I know that muscle weighs more than fat, and I also know that if you don’t see the numbers drop, it can be very de-motivating. Instead I choose to go by measurements and how my clothes fit. I know my thigh and arm measurements haven’t changed much but I also know they are now more toned than they were before, so obviously I am developing muscle in those areas.

I know it’s politically incorrect to talk about size, weight, obesity. I know plenty of heavier people are happy in their own skin and exude confidence being a bigger size, and I say good for them! As long as they are healthy.

For me, yes, exercising, losing weight and centimetres is mostly about how I look, but it’s also very much about being the best me I can be, being healthy for my future, for my son, my grandchildren, should I have them, and it’s about feeling strong and GOOD about myself. It’s about having more energy, sleeping better at night, having a healthy heart, mind and soul. It’s also very much about NOT being lazy. And it’s also about being a good role model for my son.

I saw a tweet, a couple of months ago, about the people on the “fat shows” being “just fine the way they are.” Some of them may be. Many of them are not. I don’t agree with shows like The Biggest Loser, I don’t think it is a realistic way to lose weight and I don’t think it helps to keep the weight off. But I also think many of these people need help before they kill themselves. You don’t need to be a size 6, you don’t need to be fanatical about training and exercise, but we do all need to try and live the healthiest lifestyle we can. Not so we can wear bikinis to the beach, but so we can live long and happy lives. Life is so short, and so precious, it would be a shame to waste it sitting around eating and getting fat and dying way too young. My dad didn’t look after himself and he had a heart condition, so that was a double whammy. He died at 61. I don’t want to follow in those footsteps.

What are you doing to live a healthier life? Join us over at Team Friday and share.


12 thoughts on “Team Friday Linky

  1. Great post A – totally agree with everything you said. When I get back from holiday I’m going to join you in my effort to get fit and healthy.
    Have the best Friday !
    Love, hugs and positive energy.

    • I will hold you to that and do my best to inspire and motivate you! 😉 You’re going to have a wonderful and much-deserved holiday!

  2. Those shows like Biggest Loser irk me no end. It is extremely unhealthy to lost that much weight in such a short time and in such a restrictive manner, most end up going home and getting big all over again 😦

    I love your way of thinking – ‘being the best me I can be’, ‘having more energy, sleeping better at night, having a healthy heart, mind and soul’ THAT is exactly what exercising should be about, any loss (be it kilos or centimetres) is the bonus! This is just the kind of thing I am trying to get across in the whole TEAM Friday concept, thank you for linking up, much appreciated 😀

    • Thanks Stacey! It has taken me a long time to come to this understanding. Exercise is about more than what size you wear or how you look, and the longer people see it as only that, the worse off we’ll be as far as obesity goes. I love all the inspiration and motivation I get from reading others exercise journey so thanks for taking on Team Friday!

  3. I teach my children to eat well and model that as adults. We aren’t really a junk food family and I’m grateful for that. Between rollerskating, walking, photography and circus school, the children are always keeping active with us. We also balance with downtime and family cooking sessions when we can… or even an afternoon at the library!
    Here’s to your journey continuing on the up! Great work! 😀

    • Thanks CJ! I’m afraid I don’t put my money where my mouth is when it comes to food with Nick. He is a typical picky 4 year old and we tend to let him get away with being that way. On the other hand he’s also a very active 4 year old, so so far we are lucky it counters his less than stellar diet. Must rectify that, and practice what I preach! Sounds like you guys have a great balance!

  4. I agree with you. It’s all about balance, eating healthy food and exercising regularly without going crazy on it and allowing yourself to have some treats sometimes. I think this is the recipe for feeling good in your body.

    • Definitely – and the harder you work, the less guilty you have to feel about those treats! Haha! it is all about balance and just getting moving. It’s easy to be lazy, but feels so much better to be active! Thanks for your comment.

  5. Congrats!!! Those are great accomplishments! From the few pictures I’ve seen of you over the years, I NEVER would have guessed your January 2011 measurements. I am so impressed by your determination to keep going even when you don’t want to. You have really worked hard this year on so many aspects of your life. It’s been so inspiring! I’m enjoying following you on this journey called life. Keep it up! May you reach the goal you’re looking for!

    • Thank you SO much C! I feel I really HAVE worked hard and it’s nice that it’s finally paying off. I think I’ve finally turned a massive corner, too and grown up a whole heck of a lot. Thank you for always supporting and encouraging me! I am glad it has been inspiring along the way! 🙂

  6. I really agree with you, I FEEL so much much better for being fitter and less wobbly than I was. Dn’t want to be slender, just strong and fit… and to give myself a fighting chance to see my children grow up. I want to be a granny!! It’s so much easier to walk around, climb steps and run for buses! Good on you.

    • It makes a big difference doesn’t it? Being that much fitter? I can chase and run with my 4 year old on the beach and I don’t wear out. I never used to be able to do that. I love that I can keep up with him, and that I can be a fit and strong role model for him. He knows how often I “do my exercises” (go running, training, etc) and he doesn’t miss a thing! He says, “Is that so you can keep up with me mummy?” haha! Kids, god love ’em!

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