Dear Baby

Ok bub, I’m sorry. When I wrote this, I didn’t realise there was something standing in your way of making it to us. But it is now gone. And with all the babies on their way to this family and our close friends, don’t you think it’s time you joined them? You have two awesome parents waiting for you and a little boy, who I think, will make the bestest big brother ever!

I have learned so much in the last year. I have learned to be grateful for little things, to always see the silver lining, to be patient (to an extent!) and to be accepting. I have learned to be happy for others, not jealous. I’ve learned lessons that I wish we could all be born with, but it’s only through living that we can learn them.

I know I’d be a much better mum today than I would have been a year ago. Maybe that’s why things have played out how they have? Or maybe we are never meant to be together in this lifetime. But I still feel you. I still know you are there. And I’m not ready to give up hope that one day, soon, you’ll be here.

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16 thoughts on “Dear Baby

    • Thanks Rachel. I guess it is sadness, but feels a bit more like desperation at this point. The clock has never been so loud in my whole life!

  1. Sending a big hug. I wish there was magical dust I could send your way. It’s obvious what a great mother you would make. As Rachel said. Don’t give up. xx

    • Aw thanks Penny! I’d like some of that dust! Wouldn’t it be nice if it were that easy? Thanks for your comment.

    • He would be an amaaaaaaaaaaaaazing big brother! He is always talking about “his brother” (though I think it’s b/c they’re learning about families at school). It is both cute and heart-breaking at the same time!

  2. It’s amazing that feeling that you have a child who is ‘there’ waiting to join you. Dont give up. It’s just a matter of time. Xxx

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