Thankful Thursday

This week I am thankful for Medicine. I’m thankful that the days of knocking people out with a rag full of chloroform are long gone. That putting someone to sleep is as easy as a small pin prick in your hand. I’m thankful that the days of slashing your whole stomach open are a thing of the past. That keyhole surgery, resulting in the tiniest, if any, scarring, and also minimal stitches and recovery time is now the standard procedure. I’m thankful for my doctor who is short and to the point, but in a calming, and confident manner.

I’m thankful that all the times I wanted to cancel this surgery, I didn’t. I’m thankful that I was wrong, when I thought they would find nothing, again, that we would have wasted time and money on private, non-covered surgery, again.

I’m thankful that we may have found a reason, an answer. And that we have a new start and a new hope.

I’m thankful the pain is not too bad, but that I still have today off work to recover. A day in bed is just what the Dr ordered.

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