Point & Shoot Monday

It’s been a while since I joined in with Lou over at Sunny + Scout for point-and-shoot Monday. What better weekend than my son’s 4th birthday to get back into it?

The birthday cake was made Thursday night. And I found myself 4 kit-kats short of being able to complete it. The Mechanic was forced graciously went to not one, but two petrol stations before coming home with 4 regular sized kit-kats and 4 giant-sized kit kats. You can imagine the attendant’s face when at 10 pm, this guy walks up with 8 kit-kats and a bottle of coke. Sugar junkie anyone? The cake was so easy, but looked a bit fancy. I had the professional help of White Wings and Betty Crocker. *ahem*

Saturday morning, we actually woke The Birthday Boy up. I’m not sure there’s anything more magical than those first morning smiles and cuddles and seeing the excitement in his eyes when he realises it is FINALLY his birthday! After opening some presents from mummy and daddy, it was time to get ready for his party.

Ten of his friends all came to a playcentre to partake in games, food, cake and lots of play time. They all had an absolute blast, and I was so proud of my little guy for playing with everyone, and also saying bye to them all as they left, thanking them for coming to his party.

When it was time for the cake, everyone started in a chorus of happy birthday, and Nick’s face just lit up. Cake, friends, people singing to HIM, what more could a 4 year old want?!

Oh, maybe another cake that night? Yep! Two birthday celebrations in one day and two birthday cakes in one day! What a lucky boy!!

After the family side of his birthday was over and everyone had left, we realised we didn’t have a pic of the 3 of us from the day, so out came the tripod. We all look happy, but we were really completely knackered and ready for bed. We had told the birthday boy he could stay up late, as a treat.

But less than 5 minutes in bed with daddy and he was zonked.

Sunday afternoon was such a perfect day, we had to get out to the park for some fresh air. I was stoked that my little man even posed for some pictures for me. He doesn’t much like to stand still and isn’t completely thrilled about having his picture taken.

The fact that I managed to get three pics that are half way decent makes me smile.

And so another year begins, and we wanted what this whole being 4 has in store for us. Hopefully a lot more smiles, laughs and adventures.

Linking up with Lou for Point And Shoot at Sunny + Scout


14 thoughts on “Point & Shoot Monday

  1. I loved watching your account of birthday celebrations on IG. When I saw your kit hat cake I immediately started craving them. YUM.
    Happy birthday. x
    What a fun birthday.

    • Thanks Belinda. I had no idea just how scrumptiously delicious kitkats are until I did this cake. They are ranking pretty high on my candy list right about now! I’m glad it’s my birthday in 5 weeks – I can make it again!! haha!!

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