Dear Nicklas : 4 Years Old

Dear Nicklas,

My darling boy, this Saturday you will turn 4 years old, and I can not wait to watch you at your party with all your little friends. I can’t wait to see the look on your face when you open  your presents and blow out the candles on your cake. I can’t wait to see how many hours it takes you and daddy to put together all the lego you’re about to get.

You may only be 4, but you are so grown up. You are compassionate, you are kind, you are happy. Sure, you have the odd meltdown and aren’t very happy when you don’t get your own way. But these moments are fleeting, and your cheeky smile, charm, and happiness more than make up for them.

You are also so smart. Much smarter than I ever gave any 4 year old credit for. You always remember where everything is and whether or not we left your bag in the car. Which amazes me, because I am considerably older, and I barely remember where anything is. There have been several times I’ve told you something and you’ve corrected me, and you’ve been right! I am really hoping to rectify this by the time you’re a teenager.

When you were born, I thought I could never love anything or anyone more. I was wrong. I love you more every day. It doesn’t seem possible, but it is. With each smile, cuddle, kiss, funny comment, big story, hold of my hand, “I love you”, my heart fills over and over. I know now, why parents spoil their children, why mums have a hard time “letting go” when their children grow up. I know why parents sit up waiting for their kids, worrying about them. I know what it feels like to know you would absolutely give your life for someone else.

I love the little boy you have grown in to, and I can’t way to see the young man, and man that you become. I hope your father and I will have raised you to be confident but modest, level-headed but fun-loving, driven but compassionate and most of all, to still love your mum! I hope we have told you that you can do and be anything you want to. I hope we have taught you that the sky is the limit, and anything is possible if you just put your heart and mind into it.

There is nothing we wouldn’t do for you. I hope you always know that, and always know that we are here for you, no matter what. You are, and always will be, the most important thing in our lives. Happy 4th Birthday, Nick. I love you so very, very much.


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5 thoughts on “Dear Nicklas : 4 Years Old

  1. He is lucky to have such a wonderful Mom ! Enjoy every minute with him that you can because he will grow up far too quickly – treasure each moment – and appreciate the time that you do spend with him.
    I have many regrets about how little time I did spend with K but I can’t change the past, all I can do is try to make up for it from when I realised how much I had missed out on.

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