Team Friday with @BBeingCool

Well, i have to admit, it has not been a very exercise-filled or motivation-filled week. I can’t even say, “At least I ate well.” Because I didn’t do that, either.

Last Thursday-Saturday my husband and I went to Melbourne. I had run Monday & Tuesday but my heart simply wasn’t in it. Wednesday I had personal training. Thursday, Friday and Saturday I’m certain we racked up at least 20, if not 30km walking around Melbourne city. We had taken our running gear with good intentions of going for a run in one of the parks, but there is just not enough time when you’re only in a city for 50 hours to explore, rest, and run!

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday I have no excuses for, other than I wasn’t feeling 100% since coming back from Melbourne, and I’ve developed a real chesty cough. I desperately wanted to not go to training Wednesday night, but I made myself go.

And I’m so glad I did. The women I train with have trained for years. They are fit, they are gorgeous, they are so committed and put in 150% effort every training session. And they are supportive and encouraging. They cheer me on, they tell me I’m doing great. I can definitely feel I’m getting better. Soon it may be time to up it to 2 sessions per week.

But I can’t just count on 1 or 2 nights a week to keep me in shape. I need to get back out and do my running. I’ve had over a week off, now, it’s time to re-commit. Before we left for Melbourne I did a personal best over 4kms, finishing it in under 27 minutes. It was just over 6:30/km for my pace. The first time I’d cracked that 7:00/km mark and it felt so good! I can feel the personal training helping with my overall strength, I just need to keep working on my mental strength. It is easy, once you start to see improvement, to slack off a bit. That is how we fail. When we see improvement, that is exactly the time to re-commit, to push harder, further, reach deeper than we had to to get started.

4km personal best

same 4kms, 2 months ago

I can’t do it without support. I can’t do it without accountability. I can’t do it without knowing that others will be monitoring my activities. Which is exactly why posting to runkeeper (and then to twitter and Facebook) as well as going to group personal training and blogging with Team Friday is a successful formula for me.

The hardest part, I think, is keeping it up. I know for me, after a few months, I feel like I should be “cured” and should be able to just laze around and still keep the fitness level I’ve worked so hard to attain. But I know it doesn’t work like that. This week I will run Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and go to training Wednesday night. I give myself permission for 2 rest days, because as I’m learning, and I know others are as well, rest days are just as important as exercise days.

Thanks to B at BBeingCool for keeping Team Friday going. I don’t join in to brag about what I’ve done, I join in to motivate others, to motivate myself, and to keep myself accountable. I hope you will join in with us!


3 thoughts on “Team Friday with @BBeingCool

  1. You have got it so right in what you have said in this post – keep up the amazing job that you are doing and you will get there – we all will !
    Have the best Friday out – I’ll be linking in with B for Team Friday sometime during the day today.
    Love, hugs and positive energy.

  2. I am a bit choked up – I can’t believe that little old me sitting at my laptop could actually help motivate someone in their fitness goals by having a linky party… Oh my goodness – that is the coolest thing. Thank you so much! Gosh…

    I am so so so SO inspired by watching your progress. A friend put a quote on my blog the other day that kinda went like this… ‘A year from now you will wished that you had started today.’ I am going to start walking TOMORROW – if I don’t – I will start regretting it… I am at the point where I am feeling really good, so now there are no more excuses.

    Thanks for your honestly and your vulnerability – it is so refreshing!

    Go #teamfriday!

  3. Lovely to read this and it’s all so true. I used to think all the slender people at the gym were mad… why weren’t they sittng in a cafe eating cake. But now I want to be fit for the sake of my heart, my health physical and mental and to try to be around a long time for my kids.

    I think that if I exercise three times a week that is OK for me where I am in life just now. Ideally I’d so five days but I’m not going to shoot myself if I don’t. Find having a trainer is gold, I hope I can afford that for all of my life, it makes such a difference. I would so have NOT said that even 2 years ago!!

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