Fresh Horse Brigade : Who The Hell Are You? {Blogged On Tuesday}

I am a mid-30s mum, wife, sister, daughter and granddaughter.

I am post-graduate educated, a part-time employee, a sometimes blogger, an addicted social-medialite.

I am a wannabe photographer and/or rockstar.

I am someone who used to see the glass half empty, but has been working very hard at seeing it half full.

I am someone who used to choose TV or computer over exercise, but has since switched that to the reverse. If I don’t get at least 4, preferably 5, days of some kind of running/tennis/personal training every week, I start to feel fat and lazy.

I am someone who has never been a runner, and thought I couldn’t run. I’ve proven myself wrong, I can, and DO run. Often.

I am someone who at 18 years old, was fearless, and moved to the other side of the world, away from her family and friends, to get a college degree. I came home 11 years later with the degree, 7 years of work experience under my belt, a husband and a bun in the oven.

I am someone who went 18 months before getting a post-partum depression diagnosis, thinking the crankiness, forgetfulness, exhaustion, crying was “normal” for a new mum. It might be, for a few weeks. When the Dr says, “How long have you felt like this” and you say, “I don’t remember NOT feeling like this” it could be a sign you’re more than just a tired new mum.

I am someone who can’t remember what she did before she had her son. He is my universe. I now know why parents have a hard time letting go as their kids get older.

I am someone who has seen more parts of the world than probably most, but that is still not saying much. There is still so much to see, so much to re-visit, and am still trying to figure out where to find the money and time to do so?

Unfortunately I’m also someone who hates to fly. Making the previous even more difficult.

I am someone who understands the value of life, of living it and loving it, and being grateful for every single day. Because I also have seen it taken away in a moments notice.

I am someone who lost her dad too early, and still mourns the loss of a father and grandfather relationship that never got enough time.

I am someone who never used to feel like enough – not smart enough, pretty enough, happy enough, funny enough, rich enough, loved enough. I know now that I am more than enough, at least to the people who matter.

I am someone who needs to feel connected to others, who values her family and girlfriends, new and old, and will always support them, no matter what. People and relationships are my lifeline.

Who the hell am I? I am me. Trying to be the best me I can be.

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11 thoughts on “Fresh Horse Brigade : Who The Hell Are You? {Blogged On Tuesday}

  1. Wow. You have done a lot in your life and gone through a lot in your life. I don’t know how you fit som much of it into a post but you did a great job of it!

    • Thanks Penny…and of course now I’m thinking about so much more I could have added…clearly I’m someone who likes to talk about herself a lot, too!

  2. What’s great post – you are also an amazing woman who inspires, encourages and motivates me to get out there and be the best that’s can be too.
    Love, hugs and positive energy for a fantastic week.

  3. this is a great post, i love it! It is hard to capture exactly who we are, but you have done a great job at it – look at how far you have come and how hard you have worked to achieve so SO much> Little wonder you are inspiring and motivating – not to mention such a great friend x

  4. Wonderful post and even though I’ve come by your blog for the past year, I feel like I know you much better now 🙂 I relate to you on the traveling part.. still so much to see and do, but when there’s time no money, and with money no time??! haha.. I find myself always going bk to the familiar places. Would love to visit some more exotic destinations.

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

    • Thank you Ai! If only we could win the lottery and see all the places we wanted, hey? So many places we’d like to go back to, but so many places yet unseen! Tough choices!

  5. Just lovely, and so nice to get to know you better.
    (P.S. I would love to be a rockstar, but secretly want to be a broadway star and win a Tony award. Ain’t gonna happen… But if only!!)

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