Team Friday!

Believe me, the irony is not lost on me that as I sit down to write my Team Friday fitness blog post, I’m a glass of wine in to #drunktweetfriday on twitter, and have my second glass in front of me. Wine does not equal fitness or health, really. But it’s ok, because here’s what I’ve done this week…

Monday I went for a 3.11km run* near my son’s school. It was just more convenient to go there, plus it is a hilly neighbourhood. If you have always run on flat ground, and have never tried a hilly area, you have no idea what fit really is! Running in the hills changes the ball game COM.PLETE.LY. I was slow (so I thought) and absolutely stuffed at the end, but looking back to a February run, when I did the same distance on flat ground, I was 4 minutes slower and 1km/hour slower back then! So clearly my fitness has improved, but there is still so, so far to go.

Tuesday I went back to the flat and did a 3.4km run, with my pace varying between 6:35/km and 7:35/km. Part of my problem is that I start out hard, especially if running with a tail wind, and then struggle to get back. Steadiness is something I need to practice and would like to improve.

Wednesday I had personal training and we did some kicking, running, weights, and resistance training. I couldn’t bear all my weight on my arms though as my shoulders were still hurting from last week’s boxing class! My trainer thinks the pain is actually from pushups, which is possible, because pushups while wearing boxing gloves is actually much easier, so I think I put far more into it last week. Training newsflash: I can now do burpees! In my first training session, I literally could NOT do these. Even my trainer commented on how good my burpees were looking!

Yesterday I had a day off. I physically can not go every day, but I have come a long way from where I started as I went again today, and did 4.3km without walking once. I also kept a reasonably steady pace except for when I was running into a headwind. It hurt, my legs were screaming at me, but I was determined to run the whole thing. When my runkeeper said it had been 30 minutes and 4.3km, I stopped, and walked the rest of the way to my car as a warm-down. My legs were a bit shaky, so this was a wise decision I think.

Tomorrow I’m playing tennis and Wednesday I’ll go for another run. Four days of running a day of personal training and a day of tennis is a pretty active week. I think back to just over 3 months ago, when I wasn’t doing any of this, but was spending more time online and watching TV, and I’m so thankful that the switch inside me flipped. It is true, you can not do anything to help anyone, or even help yourself, unless the person wants to be helped and is ready to change their attitude.

I still have days I don’t want to run. Wednesday night I didn’t want to go to training. I may never get to the point where I can’t live without exercise and am aching to go do it. But at this point in time, I feel like I am accountable to others, and most of all, accountable to myself. Only I can make me do it. Only I can change my habits. Only I can improve my health and fitness and it won’t happen by making excuses. I know I will never regret going for a run, or to training, but I will regret NOT going.

And hey, I get to have my #drunktweetfriday and the yummy pastry-puff pizzas for dinner relatively guilt free, because this week, I have worked my arse off. And today, I had two people notice that I have slimmed down. I can’t say “lost weight” because the scales haven’t changed, but my appearance has, and it is so nice to have that recognised.

*Less of a run, more of a struggle.

How did your week go? Do you need inspiration? Check out these lovely inspirational ladies at bbeingcool for Team Friday!


8 thoughts on “Team Friday!

  1. You have really come so far. Remember tha rest days are just as, if it more, important as exercise days. You never need to apologise for rest days – so LNG as they don’t become excuse days !!!

    Figure that after the day I have had food wise, #drunktweetfriday is the best I can manage for dinner !!

    Love, hugs and positive energy !

    • I’ve woken this morning to the most miserable weather. I know you are hard core and will run in rain, but I will not! haha. Maybe I can go use my sister’s gym in her building later. That’s the only thing about being an outside runner that sucks! Today is not supposed to be a rest day! Hope you’re having a great weekend. xo

  2. Go YOU! I am so inspired! I think I am able to consider running again. My thyroid has sorted itself out and I am not nearly as tired anymore. I will defs try and get some running in over the next few weeks…. yes I will!

    Thanks for linking in with #teamfriday – love that you got it linked in today! Funny to see you tweeting about writing this earlier!!

    • It is hard when you have medical conditions that prevent you from being able to do a lot of exercise. Just don’t push too hard – do what you can, and that is always good enough (taken me a long time to realise that!). I’m glad I got it written, too, though I had to wait until I got home!! Boo to work! 😉

  3. I love Team Friday – such inspiring posts and people!! I have just been to the gym and sweated away for 30 mins, my thirdt sweaty 30 mins this week and I did some weights with my PT too. Trying to get jogging again, build up confidence. Oh dear I have only ever jogged ont he treadmill or on the flat. Must and shall work towards a few hills. That’d give me a shock I am sure!!

    • Thanks Seana! I am finding jogging very challenging…frustrating when I have friends (and a husband) who can not run for 6 months or longer and go out and bust a 5k run in 28 minutes or better! And I struggle and struggle, but I have to keep reminding myself it’s about me and my time/my run, not me and them. And yes, the hills….ugh….so much harder!! Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Wow, I love reading about people’s fitness journey /journal. I find it difficult some days too …I’ve yet to run outside for a few different reasons.
    I love my treadmill. I struggle the same way and I’ll been running since January. I completed my first 10km run last night.
    I’m going to be a Team Friday stalker from now on.

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