Thankful Thursday

It’s been a while since I’ve written about being thankful, either with Kate’s Thankful Thursday, or in my gratitude journal. So I think it is about high time I sat and gave thanks. Because there is so much to be thankful for.

I’m thankful for my husband and my son. My reasons for living, for getting up in the morning, the reasons I go to work – so we can have a better lifestyle and adventures we wouldn’t have if I wasn’t working.

I’m thankful for my job. I work more hours a week than I want to, but that is far better than working no hours a week, which is what a lot of people face today.

I’m thankful for the opportunity to be a mother. It doesn’t matter if you have 1 child or 10, the overwhelming feeling of love, awe, amazement and bewilderment you get from being a mother is so fulfilling. I’m so glad, and so thankful, I get to experience it, because I know that so many desperately want to, but can’t.

I’m thankful for my mum and my sisters. I love having them close by, and love that even though we can drive each other crazy, there’s nothing we wouldn’t do for each other.

I’m thankful for inspiring women, who have kept me going when I have wanted to quit. This exercising thing, the running, the personal training, it would all be so easy to just stop today. But I’ve always taken the easy way out. This time, I am not giving myself permission to. I know it is a slow process, that these things don’t happen overnight. In the past, that is what I’ve expected, that a few sessions in, I’ll see massive changes, but that’s not how it works. If I am going to do this, I have to be in it for the long haul, I have to be in it, 100%, not 50%, not 80%, but 100%.

I’m thankful (at times) for only having 1 child. I know we have wanted another, and there are times it’s been devastating beyond words to not. But there are so many good things about having 1. He has all our attention, people are more willing to babysit, now that he’s older I get some time to myself to do my running, or tennis, or whatever I want to do. I see people, friends even, with 2 or more who struggle, and while I know their struggle won’t last forever, I am glad to be in the place I am. I’ve been getting a lot of compliments lately on what a good boy he is, how sweet and kind he is. I just feel so lucky.

I’m thankful for things to look forward to – Melbourne and New Zealand trips to name just a couple!

I’m thankful for girlfriends. Even though I feel like there’s no time to see any of them lately, it makes me feel good knowing they’re there when/if I need them, or when we can be. Because lets face it, sometimes men just don’t understand.

I’m thankful for life. For being healthy, and having a healthy family. It’s so easy to take things for granted – simple things, like being able to walk. Like not having to spend more time in hospital than out of it. I spent so many years pining after things, wanting what I didn’t have. It’s taken me this long to realise I don’t need them. I don’t need anything, but a roof over my head, food on the table, and people to love, who love me back. It’s not only enough, it’s MORE than enough. If more people would realise that, maybe the world would be a bit better place.

What are you thankful for? Pop over to Kate Says Stuff and share with us.


9 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. thankyou for being such a silver lining friend – even when it sucks, and you have every reason to quit, have a pity party or hide out – you continue to choose to be positive, and always seem to remember that this moment, or feeling does not last forever. Im glad you are back into the thankfuls x

    • if we don’t see the positives, all we’ll ever see is the negatives, and that is what we will live! must get back into the thankfuls more often. thanks for your continued support!

  2. What an awesome list of gratefuls โค

    I'm so happy to see you back ๐Ÿ™‚ And I am one of those Mums who watch on enviously as you reclaim your life… that is a long way off in my future yet and I do envy the freedom I see in some of my friends. I wouldn't change a thing of course, but I guess every situation has it's specific benefits and I'm so glad you are able to enjoy those that come with one child. xox

    • I finally realised it is all about just being happy with your lot in life. I spent too much time being jealous of the mums with 2, 3, 4, kids, because I know in the future they’ll be surrounded by family and kids and grandkids. I just realised I was spending so much time being jealous of others I wasn’t seeing the good things in my situation, which is that I can get time to myself, work on getting fit and healthy, and have quite a bit more freedom than mums of several kids. Neither way is better, it’s just about being happy. thanks for having me back! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. I’m a mother of only one too. Sometimes, I think I’d love to have a six year old running around with my eight year old but life didn’t work out like that for us. There are many benefits to a One Child Policy, like travel is so much easier with a two adult to one child ratio. School fees (if we go there) are doable, there’s room for all of us on one sofa and no fighting! X

    • thanks for stopping by and for your comment Kim! I know there are a lot of benefits to having one child. It’s just taking me a little while to “get there” to really fully appreciate them all haha. I’m sure I will come around, in fact I am already starting to! Thanks again ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. We all have so much to be thankful for – I am about to create my Thankful Thursday post in a minute.
    love, hugs and positive energy !

  5. What a wonderful thankful post! Thank you for the reminder to be thankful for the things that you have….sometimes I get caught up in the bad stuff and I forget to feel thankfulness for the good things that I’ve got.

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