Mother’s Day & A Sunset

I know a few people who are anti-Mothers Day. Or rather, anti-“Hallmark Holidays”. What’s a Hallmark Holiday? A “day” that perhaps started out innocent enough, as a day to spoil a special someone, mum, dad, valentine, whatever, and then turned into a commercial, money-grabbing excuse for retailers to advertise lavish gifts, as if anything less would not be good enough. A day where people are guilted in to buying cards (hence “Hallmark Holiday”) or gifts, or into spoiling someone because this day says you must!

I am not anti-Hallmark Holidays, but I *am* anti-lavish gifts. Especially around Christmas time, when, for example, Lexus advertises their range of vehicles with bows around them, a wrapped car key sitting under the tree. Who the fuck gets a car for Christmas? No one I’ve ever known!

I know that a lot of people argue, “Why should I spoil [insert title here] on one day? I should show them love every day.” Yes, we should, but do we? Do we ever stop and say, “You know what mum/dad/valentine/grandma, I really love you, I’m really thankful for you, you’re a wonderful person”? Not as often as we should. I think it’s ok to have a reminder, a day where, even if it’s because you feel obligated, you do something special for someone. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money, it doesn’t mean you have to buy $90 pyjamas, you don’t even need to buy a $8 Hallmark Card (seriously, eight.freaking.dollars).

Here’s 5 easy and inexpensive ideas to make Mothers Day special for mum or for the kids to make for grandma:
Make her a card (duh)
Let her sleep in
Make her breakfast in bed
Pack a picnic lunch and head to the park/beach/back yard for lunch
Pick some flowers from the garden and put them in a vase

This post might be a bit trite for me. My mothers day gift this year was a $200 gift card to Lorna Jane. Let me just add, this is not a normal ritual for Mother’s Day. Our tradition is to go to the surf club for breakfast, we pay for mum, she pays for her mum, and that’s it. Sometimes a card is exchanged, never a gift. But this year my husband asked what I wanted, and I said, “A new running outfit to run the Mothers Day Classic in,” thinking that I’d find something at KMart, Target, BigW…one of my usual shopping places. I was completely knocked for 6 when my son gave me a hand made card a couple of weeks ago with the gift card inside. Even more bowled over when I found out how much was on the card!! I am now the proud new owner of 2 over-priced awesome LJ outfits (and a whole new level of commitment to running!). Unfortunately, I can’t run the MDC! Long story…

I think there is nothing wrong with having mothers day, fathers day, valentines day but I think it’s a little bit like Christmas. As long as you don’t lose the meaning of the day, don’t get caught up in the things the retail industry say you should do or buy, these days can be very sweet and very special. They can be an opportunity to spend quality time, an excuse to say, “Everything else can wait, today it’s important to spend time with mum.” Because lets face it, in the busy-ness of every day life, we don’t often stop and think, “I’ll take my mum to lunch today!” And there’s nothing wrong with a little reminder to do that.

There’s also nothing wrong with a little bit of SUNSET. The sunset yesterday made the mountains and the sky look like they were on FIRE. It was so bright and colourful, it reminded me why I chose this name for this blog. Isn’t mother nature amazing?

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5 thoughts on “Mother’s Day & A Sunset

  1. i love this post – and agree wholeheartedly. I have grown to love that whilst Adam may not even remember what day my birthday is, let alone do a present a card a week later with a beautiful message inside means a lot more. I am so glad your boys spoilt you and absolutely blew you away this year – what a testament to their love and belief in you achieving your goals xx

  2. I love your list! I could definitely do with a sleep in. I agree with you that extravagant gifts aren’t necessary. Hope you get to enjoy your new Lorna Jane gear…even without running the MDC 🙂

  3. That is awesome..I love your post, and its message. I too think that we need to remember and celebrate each other more regularly than ONE day. However, if at least one day reminds others of being thankful then I am in agreement. I love, as both a mum and a grandma, some words (spoken/via a card) and a get together. In recent years we have simplified the occasion so much as when you are mum, you also don’t want to be doing the entertaining. We just catch up at one of our kid’s houses for a cuppa and a chat. Happy Mother’s Day to you..and your family.
    From #Teamibot. Denyse x

  4. I actually love those suggestions for presents. I got a very expensive Christmas present which was for a whole bunch of things including birthdays, mothers days, anniversary and Christmas at least for a couple of years! So my husband is off the hook in terms of buying something. But I don’t want to be forgotten either! I’m going to show him that list 🙂

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