Fitness Friday with @KateSaysStuff

I was late to the game, joining in this Fitness Friday blog hop. And now there is only 1 more after this week. Maybe we should keep it going, as motivation!?

Around the middle of March I started to get more serious (though I still use the term lightly) about getting into running. I had tried last year and blew out my ankle just 2 weeks in. That resulted in 14 months “off” – 4 for injury, 10 for laziness. But I started to see all these awesome women posting running tweets and blogs and they inspired me.

I did 3 running activities with runkeeper in the last week of March. We are now in the last week of April and this month alone I have done 9 activities. I didn’t use a C25k program, or anything like that, I just did what I could, pushed myself when I could, and rested when I really needed to. I took at least 1 day break in between each activity, sometimes 2, but tried to do no more than 3 days, or I knew it would be too easy for me to never run again.

At the start, I felt like nothing under 3kms counted. I have gradually got up to feeling that nothing under 4kms counts. I don’t feel like I’ve lost weight (and that is because my diet hasn’t changed to match my exercising), but I do feel like I have gotten fitter. I can go further and/or I can go faster. I can go longer between walking and yesterday did a personal best, 5 minutes straight jogging. I also did over 5.5kms, in just under 50 minutes.

A friend has bullied implored me to do the 8km Mothers Day Classic run with her. I was convinced I could absolutely NOT do it, that the 4km was more up my alley. After yesterday’s run, I started to wonder if maybe I could do the 8km?


At the end of this, I did feel like I could have kept going. But I had made it full circle back to my car, and I had to go pick Nick up from kindy. I’ve got 3 weeks, is that long enough to go from running 4kms to running 8? I don’t know. Am I just being self-doubtful, negative, scared of failing? I don’t know that, either. I think I still have a few days to decide.

In the meantime, I’m proud that I’ve made it 5 weeks and am still going. I’m proud that I can see slight improvements in my breathing, my fitness, my determination to keep going. If I was seeing some weight loss it would be even more motivating, so I’m trying so very, very hard to change my eating habits (and not drink so much wine!). I am wearing a pair of jeans that I’m pretty sure didn’t fit 2 months ago. So that is something, right?

I’m so grateful to the ladies who inspired me to start this (Linda, Lyndal, Kate, Naomi) and proud of what they have all accomplished as well. Its so much easier with great support. And with this kind of running scenery (taken on different routes/different runs)…

Linking up with Kate Says Stuff for Fitness Friday!


3 thoughts on “Fitness Friday with @KateSaysStuff

  1. I would love it if someone could keep Fitness Friday going as I love it – it just can’t be me because I am totally useless at blogger stuff apart from posting posts and leaving comments !!!!

    I love how far you have come – how far we have all come – it is a testament to the strength that we all have that we didn’t know we had. I was never a runner although A claims different – he recalls me running in relays for work – but I think I did those more because they needed a member in the team and not because I was a runner and I don’t know that I ever actually did any training. I do remember running around softball and baseball fields with A – not because I enjoyed it but because if I didn’t I had to just sit and wait for hm !!! I think those sessions were very sporadic !

    Now I am actually enjoying getting out there – trying to see if I can improve my speed or increase my distance – or, maybe one day even do both !!! Most days I can’t wait to get home from work so that I can get my gear on and get out there and see those numbers on my app – that is what really gets me moving !!!

    I can’t remember where I read it but the one coaching thing I came across said that in order to run 5km in a race you need to be able to run at least 2-3 x 10km runs before the race – that is one of the main reasons I chose the 4km MDC because I wasn’t sure that with the time available I would be able to do at least 2-3 x 16km runs before the day if I had chosen to do the 8km. I plan on trying to do one one 8km run this weekend – weather permitting – and I think I will get A to cycle with me with some water so I don’t have to carry it.

    Have the best Friday ever – is today the day you are going shopping ? I hope you find what you are looking for !

    Love, hugs and positive energy !
    (Sorry for the essay I left – I always have a lot to say and tweeting it never really works that well !!!)

  2. im voting for keeping it going too… i love that we have all been able to support each other through not only the regular fitness, but also listening to our bodies and resting when we need to. cause thats a tough one 🙂 i reckon try out with your training the distance you are comfortable with…. like you and Linda have been saying, coming out of injury you don’t want to over do it, but you may just be ready and more than capable for the 8.. only you and your body know and you definitely have time to work it out together xx

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