Thankful Thursday. The Everything Edition. With @KateSaysStuff

I’ve been thinking this week, about how thankful I am for “everything”. You know, like when you stay with friends for a few days and you leave and say, “Thanks for everything.” That’s sort of how I feel. You don’t really have to pinpoint one specific thing, or even three specific things. You’re just grateful. I feel a little bit like that.

I think it is because of my gratitude journal. I think that has been the main ingredient in my slow, but steady, transformation. That and Deb’s 52 Weeks To Simplify Your Life challenge. For about 3 months I did both of these religiously. And it didn’t take long before I saw differences. I was no longer Negative Nelly, Debbie Downer, miserable about life and all (or as I thought, what little) it had to offer.

I began to see the positives. I began to see the positive side of the negatives, even! I started to let things go. I can’t tell you how nice it is to just LET. THINGS. GO. Because do you know what holding on to them does? It slowly destroys you. I know people get their knickers in a knot about anything and everything. And they say they “can’t” let it go. YOU CAN! You choose not to!

Only seeing the negative, only being miserable in life, it only makes you more negative and more miserable yourself. I know, because I have lived it. I have heard the words coming out of my mouth. The constant whinging.

Some people may think the book The Secret is a crock of crap, but there is so much truth to it. Don’t know what it is? It is the basic theory that what you put out, you get in return.

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

I’m not saying you have to be positive every second of every day. There are times I can get really cranky, negative, agitated…just ask my husband and son! But I know how to turn those moments around. I know how to stop and think. Listen. Have some perspective. Count to 10 before I react. Look for the silver lining. There is almost always a silver lining. Almost.

One thing I know for certain, people would rather be around happy people. They get sick of your bitching and moaning. And I think if you could hear yourself, you’d get sick of it too. I heard myself. I was so sick of hearing myself, I changed. It wasn’t hard. Give it a go! You’ll be thankful you did!

Linking up with Kate for Thankful Thursday.


14 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday. The Everything Edition. With @KateSaysStuff

  1. Nice words ๐Ÿ™‚ I agree, what you put in is what you get out. I find that some days it is harder than others but putting in the effort makes a huge difference.

    • yep! and even at the best of times when it is coming naturally, you still have to keep going. i have found that i’ve been caught up and not keeping up with my gratitude journal and i can already feel myself slipping out of that happy positive place. must get back there asap!

  2. That is spot on! If you force yourself to see the positives at first, they start to come naturally and then you become happier as a whole ๐Ÿ™‚
    I needed that reminder this week, thank you

  3. Awesome post. I could not agree more.

    I kept a gratitude journal for years and even though I don’t physically keep one now the habit is ingrained for life. That thing where you are consciously looking for the positive. It is life changing and powerful.


    • So much nicer to see the positive than only see the negative. I have slipped with my daily journal – too caught up in life and don’t think about it! Which is good and bad. Need to get back into it as it’s not all coming naturally enough at the moment!

  4. Totally agree with you. About 15 years (maybe even longer) ago I made a conscious decision not to turn into my Mom. To worry about the things that I can change and let go of the things I can’t. To look for the positives instead of the negatives. To find something to be happy about rather than feeling sad/bad/angry about a situation – and it changed my life. It changed my outlook and how I treated people. It made a huge difference to me and I love that we all have the ability to change – you are right – it is just whether you choose to make that choice or not.

    Have the best day possible – love, hugs and positive energy !

    • i can see my mum turning into my nanna and it is a path I don’t want to go down, either. *hugs* hope you’re having a great day also!

  5. Totally agree on this post! It’s so easy to change our thoughts around and it leads to much nicer outcomes! Here’s to others finding that path as well! xxx

    • I think people get so swept up in negativity they can’t even see they’re in it. The big shift for me came when I actually stopped and listened and was disgusted with everything that came out of my mouth!

  6. I totally agree. I have realised that people are attracted to happy people. This doesn’t mean having all your stuff together, it means being happy …. there is a BIG difference. We all have our things to deal with, and we all have a choice of how we deal with these things…

    Great post. Mwah! B

    • I think it also means faking it even if you may not fully be feeling it, or finding another outlet or way to turn things around if you’re not feeling it. I interned with a really happy positive girl out of college, and everyone loved her and wanted to spend time with her. Yet it still took me 12 years to make some changes!

  7. I completely agree with you – taking the time to be grateful makes me so happy ๐Ÿ™‚ And the more I focus on the good stuff the more good stuff I seem to attract. โค

  8. I read The Secret while I was going through the high-risk pregnancy with my first child. That book and the attitude spread throughout its pages took me through the most difficult months. Good post!

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