Fitness Friday with @KateSaysStuff

It’s Good Friday. That means sleeping in, chocolate for breakfast, and having a sloth day on the couch. Right?


Not in this household! After keeping Nick up until almost 10 pm last night we thought for sure we’d all be sleeping in this morning. But at 5 am the call came. “Daaaaaaddy! Can you come heeeeeere?” The Mechanic went and got him and brought him into our bed where we all slept for another hour. When I woke, I felt the beach calling. I HAD to get my gear on and go exercise. The whispering woke Nick up, so within a half hour the 3 of us were loaded into the car, headed for Burleigh.

I have been trying to get back into running for the last couple of months. The hardest part, without a doubt is getting up, getting dressed, and GOING. But do you know what makes that easier? This.

And this.

I can’t do the treadmill thing, as much as I would like to. I can’t even do our street anymore. It is SO BORING! Flat, nothing to look at…But the beach. The beach is my motivation. My inspiration. My source of energy and devotion. The fresh air in my lungs, sunshine on my face, cool shade of the trees keeps me going. Knowing that I am up with the sun, with the surfers, with the athletes, knowing that by the time I am finished running, have showered, and had breakfast, the day is only just starting for many, is motivational to me.

Every time I am out there, I want to LIVE there. I wish I could be finished with my run, and walk across the street and into my bathroom.

This morning I decided I wouldn’t just go around the bottom of the hill, I would go over it. My time was slower than usual, but my climb? Much higher than usual. I could feel it in my legs, my butt, my chest. If I lived there and could tackle that mountain every morning, I would be so fit.

I love using run keeper to keep my time and distance. I know it probably shouldn’t be all about the numbers, But it really is. The cool thing about run keeper is it also lets you take pictures along the route, store the route for future reference, post to twitter or facebook, share with other friends (your “street team”)…and probably loads more cool things I have no idea about. Here’s today’s run.

I feel like anything less than 3.5kms doesn’t even count anymore. When I first started running, last year before my ankle blow out, I thought anything less than 2.5kms didn’t count. Each time I can go a little bit further, a little bit quicker, it is even more motivation to keep coming back. It’s that competitive streak I have in me. I need to do this at least 3 times a week. Last month I averaged once a week, that is not enough! It’s time to get serious, even if I do our street twice a week with the reward of getting to the beach once a week.

15kms in March...needs to be 15kms each week.


I would love to be able to do the Mothers Day 4km run, but I don’t think I’ll be ready in time. And I don’t want to push myself so hard that I end up injured, like last year. Slow and steady, and all that.

I have to say, it’s also motivating for me to see Kate, Naomi & Lyndal all getting into running, making themselves fitter, stronger, healthier. They are such amazing and inspirational women! Now if I can just stay away from the easter chocolates in the fridge…

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3 thoughts on “Fitness Friday with @KateSaysStuff

  1. Thanks for this post – it is s motivating. I am definitely going to make sure that sometime today’s get dressed and get exercising. I hate this bloody paperwork and the old computer just blew up so am not sure how I am going to get info I need off there – no back-up as far as I now – sh*t !!!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend – hope work isn’t too boring and long !

  2. Awesome post!

    I must figure out how to add you to my street team!

    TG for pumping music here. I can’t run outdoors due to little mate issues so treadie it is. I am SO jealous of your scenery… Much nicer than mine watching the kids trash the lounge room lol!

  3. hills and climbs are hard – but pretty awesome! Good on you for your diligence and commitment, and also for knowing your boundaries! I tried out run keeper – i did like it, however i don’t have an armband for my phone so holding it was slightly awkward lol.

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