Things I Know : The Fears Edition

This week has involved quite a bit of time researching the South Island of New Zealand, thinking about what we’d like to do, what we can afford to do, what my fears will let me do.  I hate that last part. I hate being dictated by fears. Bungy jumping, skydiving, no thank you. But I don’t actually feel like I’m missing out on anything by not doing those. They don’t interest me. But taking a helicopter ride up to a beautiful winery and having lunch and some wine and cheese tasting is something I think would be an amazing experience. It’s something that I don’t want to let my fear of flying/planes/helicopters stop me from doing. Most people would um and ah over it because of the price, not because they are terrified of getting in a helicopter. I don’t want to not do a half day Skippers Canyon rafting tour, that every person on Trip Advisor said was the highlight of their trip, because I have a fear of heights.

This week I know that fears are debilitating.

I know that it is easy to say NO because you’re scared.

I know that being afraid of things can result in missing out on some great times.

I know that I am determined to not let my fears stop me from having the trip of a lifetime in October.

I know that I could end up with several stress ulcers or possibly uncontrollable vomiting, but I won’t let that stop me, either!

What do you know this week? Share it over at Singular Insanity.


One thought on “Things I Know : The Fears Edition

  1. I so get what you are saying – to a certain extent it was why I did the small plane flight to Milford Sound BUT having said that, I won’t be doing it again this time (or ever again !!) – I told Al if he wanted to go we would have to drive. My ‘problem’ is that I often think I have conquered this fear and then get part way and find that I haven’t !!!!!

    We were in the vernicular in Hong Kong – I got on fine – sat next to Al – it pulled off and 5 mins later I was being quietly hysterical into Al’s neck/shoulder. When we got to top his white shirt had black blotches all over it and I looked like a panda. We couldn’t catch it down – started to walk down and eventually got a taxi and I lay on the back seat until we got to the bottom. I have climbed up mountains in the Drakensberg and had to come down on my butt because I was too scared to stand up.

    There have been other instances but my mind is obviously traumatised enough because I can’t remember them right now but Al and Kate have agreed that I should stop trying, and to just accept my fear of heights – not sure if I do just want to accept it or not !!!

    Love, hugs and positive energy.

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