It’s Thursday, and I’m Thankful! With @KateSaysStuff

I wasn’t going to blog today. But I was sitting here, and got outbid on a couple of shirts for my son on eBay. And I thought how thankful I am for eBay. Don’t get me wrong, plenty about it annoys me, too. But I have picked up a few winter pieces in the next size up for my son at such a cheap price. One is even a Milkshake from Myer brand (for less than $10!) and looks to be in really good condition. If they’re anything like my son’s clothes, there are a few items of his that are as good as new. He’s only worn them a handful of times! Unfortunately all his size 3 things are starting to get tight, so I’ve been picking up some size 4 here and there on eBay so that come the cooler months, we’ll be ready.

Then I looked outside. The weather has been quite miserable, to say the least, on the Gold Coast lately. I (half-heartedly) joked it should be renamed the Grey Coast. It has been THAT bad. I barely remember what the sun looks like. But today, it is not making me grumble. I actually like it. I am thankful for it. Because an overcast, wet, breezy day means a guilt-free afternoon inside. Nick is watching cartoons, I am on eBay/blogging, and I don’t have the guilts for not taking him to the beach/park/pool/[insert outdoorsy activity here].

Earlier, I had some most of an easter egg. I was so disgusted with myself, I put on my running shoes and went outside, oblivious to the rain. “Running in the rain is refreshing,” my runner-husband says. Well, running when it’s barely sprinkling might be refreshing. Running when there’s sideways rain hitting you in the eyes is anything BUT! I went .5kms and turned around and went home. The important point of this story is that I put on my shoes and went out at all! Even if it was only just over 1 km in 8 minutes. I got out there. And anyone who is not a runner/exerciser, who has taken up running/exercise knows, getting dressed and getting out there is half the battle. I’m thankful I’m finally THAT sick of myself that I attempted it. Of course by the time I got home from picking up Nick, it isn’t even raining anymore.

When we got home from school, I told Nick he could watch cartoons while I showered (and warmed up after my disaster run). I sat on the couch, he sat on my lap, and we leaned on the pillows. I could have stayed there all afternoon. I love that kid so much. And I’m thankful for every second I have with him. Yes EVERY second, even the ones he drives me crazy. It’s a very real likelihood that he will be our only child. I am making sure I savour every single hug, every single kiss, every single time he is content to snuggle with me. Because one day he’ll be too old to want any of those things from his mama. No, I may not get newborn snuggles ever again, but the 3.5 year old snuggles I get are just as amazing.

Sometimes the things you think are negatives can be a positive, can give you something to smile about or be thankful for. You just have to change the angle from which you’re looking at it.

Linking up with Kate for Thankful Thursday.


7 thoughts on “It’s Thursday, and I’m Thankful! With @KateSaysStuff

  1. Enjoy all the snuggles, kisses and hugs – they do get less ! Luckily K is not averse to a hug and a snuggle on the couch sometimes – just not as often as when she was little !!!!

    Great work on going for a run in the rain – even if it was 1km – it is more than the person who sat inside and didn’t get out there at all. I have a funny story about a day I went walking in the rain – if I can find it on my old blog I will send it to you – someone who read it said I should send it in to Readers Digest – but I didn’t because it was more than 250 words and I couldn’t be arsed to change it !!!!

    I can’t believe how bad the weather has been lately – so msierable. Today I had to go up near Ipswich and it was miserable the whole way up and the whole way back again at 5pm – just lousy !

    Love, hugs and positive energy.

  2. Look at you go, running in the rain, the fact that you got out there blows mymind! I pretty sure I couldn’t do it, so the fact you even attempted, well snaps to you!! I know you’ve felt pretty uncomfortable in your body, as much as uv let on the past few nights it’s prob been longer, and it is hard to start exercising and keeping on doing it….hang in there though,overly, one step, one day at a time xxx

  3. I had that today where something I would have considered negative made it possible for the whole day to be positive! Fantastic! And I always try to make the most of snuggles, knowing they will get less and less as they get bigger.

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