Kindness Is The Greatest Wisdom. Week 11 {52 Weeks to Simplify Your Life}

Week 11 Challenge : Incorporate Gratitude and Kindness Into Your Daily Routine

I am a bad SYLer this week. I failed to even give this challenge a second thought. If I can’t even THINK about being kind, how can I possibly incorporate it into my every day life? 

I like to think I am a kind person. Thoughtful, generous, caring, concerned. If people ask me for help, I try to say yes. If someone in front of me drops something/is dragging toilet paper in her shoe, I tell them. If someone asks someone else a question and gets an unhelpful response, I will chime in and help them. If people ask for directions, I tell them. If I’m not from the area and don’t know, I apologise profusely, like it’s my fault I don’t know. If co-workers need shifts swapped, I accommodate them where I can. If someone is sick, I offer to bring them things. I let people with 1-3 items go in front of me at the grocery store. I let people out/across in traffic.

I have babysat friends children while they’ve gone to Dr appointments. I’ve given people rides to the airport. If kindy asks us to sell raffle tickets or donate Easter Eggs, I do both. I donate clothes to St. Vinny’s. I listen when friends need someone to listen. I offer encouraging and positive words of support when it is physically/logistically impossible for me to do more. I help short people get things off the top shelf in the grocery stores.

I haven’t done all these things this week but I have done these things, all on more than one occasion.

I am a believer in Karma. I strongly believe what goes around will most certainly indeed come back around. I

I am a kind person. I am a good person. I give gratitude daily in my journal. I say thank you constantly. I have empathy.

I may not have given this challenge a thought this week, but maybe it’s because I already incorporate kindness into my daily routine, without having to think about it? Because maybe I think kindness should just happen, and shouldn’t have to be forced. Maybe it is sad to think that kindness is something we have to consciously strive to achieve.

What kind things have you done this week?

It’s not too late to join in with Deb and those of us participating in her 52 Weeks to Simplify Your Life challenge. Join in where you want, catch up if you want, link up if you want, or don’t. At least read the challenges and give yourself some food for thought.
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13 thoughts on “Kindness Is The Greatest Wisdom. Week 11 {52 Weeks to Simplify Your Life}

  1. I found myself nodding while reading your post. While I have never really thought about it – I do those sorts of things just as a matter of course – my aim in life is to help people and those are the little things that I can do to help people when I can’t donate heaps of money. I love that someone else has the same attitude towards people as I do.

    I also believe in karma although that isn’t why I do what I do (and I am sure it isn’t why you do it either) – I do believe that at some point, what we do will come back to us in spades.

    You are a lovely person who I am glad I ‘met’ and the friendship we have, while a little unconventional, is great (well I think anyway !!!)

    Have a great (rather miserable) day !

    • It is yet another miserable day, but this afternoon I am loving it! And yes, I don’t do these things because of karma, but I too believe if you put out good you get good in return. Law of attraction, and all that 🙂

  2. Wonderful to hear that kindness is already part of your daily life 🙂 I believe to do unto others what others have done to you too and kindness doesn’t need to be something big, but the little efforts make a big difference…

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

    • I think holding the door open for someone, picking something up for someone, just little things can make peoples’ day. I remember when Nick was a baby, I was trying to carry him and an armful of stuff out of Aldi and dropped all the Aldi stuff! A nice gentleman picked them all up for me! I will never forget it. It’s a shame something like that is rare and sticks out in our minds!

  3. I loved every word of this and agree wholeheartedly! I do all of these things as well, and like you, haven’t done all of them this week but have done them all numerous times, because I am a nice person. You are absolutely right in saying that kindness is something that shouldn’t be forced, it should just happen.

    • Thanks Melissa. It *should* just happen. Where did we go wrong as the human race, that it is uncommon, unexpected, and we think people have ulterior motives for doing it?

  4. You are right, you are so inherently kind. And you have worked so hard with your gratitude journal that it is now even more a natural every day part of what you do, to focus on the better. Keep spreading those kind words and actions, they are much appreciated x

  5. I like to think to think of myself as a kind person too, although at this moment in time I can’t think of one thing I have done lately.
    I think that, like you, kindness needs to be a lifestyle and not just a one off.

    • I couldn’t think of anything recently either, but then I held the door for an elderly man at McDonalds yesterday and he looked genuinely surprised and grateful. How sad is that? Common courtesy and common sense are not so common! It’s a disgrace!

  6. Kindness isn’t a commodity to be judged as far as I know! I’m happy to help out but I’m hardly going to let someone walk all over me. 😉
    That said, a smile to someone in the street, a hello to a person you pass or even saying thank you at the checkout are certainly winners in my books! I love hearing commuters thank drivers on public transport as they alight.
    It’s the small things that count. So I’m changing my world with those. 🙂

    • drivers on public transport must take such abuse most of the time, I am sure they appreciate the “thank you”s. amazing how a smile and a thank you can change someone’s mood or even day.

  7. Yep, yep, yep. You don’t need to do those things THIS (or last) week. As you said, you do them on a regular basis, and at the end of the day, that’s what’s important, not just doing them the week Deb asks us to! So you already have it down pat, with your long lasting acts of kindless! Well done!

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