Thankful Thursday with @KateSaysStuff

Today I’m thankful for this view, as I pulled out of our complex and headed for work. Not many better starts to a morning. By the time I got to work, this sky was gone. It was fleeting, and many people will have slept in today and missed the beauty of it.

Today I’m thankful we finally booked a long-awaited, much-anticipated, holiday to NZ. We’ve been talking about this for about 4.5 years. In 7 months time we’ll be spending 8 days on the South Island. It honestly can not come fast enough!


Today I’m thankful for my mum. She helps us out so much. And she’s coming on holiday with us! Which I think will be fun for Nicklas, and might even allow hubby and I to do some grown-up things we couldn’t otherwise do with a child.

Short and sweet today, linking up with Kate. What are you Thankful for this Thursday?


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