Kids: Available at Just Jeans

This morning I dropped Nick at kindy and met my sister out shopping. I have been wanting to look around for a few different things. I would love a new pair of black heels. I have one pair, that used to be comfortable, but now are not. How does that even happen? I was also hoping to find something I could wear to a few different occasions I have coming up – out for drinks this weekend, out for dinner in a few weeks, and to a hen’s night another couple of weeks after that. I thought maybe a smart-casual dress, or a top to go with black dress(ier) capris.

I found nothing. The dresses I tried on were either the wrong colour or the wrong style. I didn’t even find any tops that I wanted to try on! I did find a pair of shoes but I wasn’t completely convinced they were right. But oh were they comfortable! I decided to think about it.

Comfy Heels - pic from

Then I found another pair of shoes. Work shoes. The stitching is coming apart on mine and while I’m not in desperate need of a new pair just yet, these were a further 30% off, bringing them down to less than $60 for a pair of Colorado shoes. I bought them. Which meant I had no money to buy the other shoes. I was feeling dejected that I had tried on all these clothes and liked NOTHING. Then, I had bought a pair of shoes. For work. These shoes can not be worn anywhere else.

Ugly, but practical work shoes

I decided what was really needed was coffee and cake. What is it about trying on clothing and hating the way you look in the mirror that makes you think going and having coffee and cake is the solution?!

Then I saw this in the window at Just Jeans.

Here I am, losing sleep over endometriosis, ovulation, IVF, when all along, all I had to do was head to my nearest Just Jeans store. “Excuse me, I see you now have kids available, do you have one in a size 3?”

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9 thoughts on “Kids: Available at Just Jeans

  1. There is a great poem by Pam Ayres about a baby shop, this sign makes me think of it. And a Size 3 would be a great choice – especially if they had been toilet trained, sleep trained & had fully outgrown the terrible twos! 😉

    Hope you got your cake xx

    • Exactly. Size 3 has a lot less problems than a size NB 😉 Plus would make a great play mate for my son!!

  2. Who knew – I wish it had been that easy for me too – we adopted , lost an angel after 12 yrs waiting then had 2-3 cycles of IVF – and thank God came home with twins !

  3. Really you would opt for a size three? I thought maybe a smaller size would be the way to go! 😉

    Having just spent the morning have quite successful shopping, I feel no need for cake. Sorry to rub that in your face, but it hardly ever happens! 🙂

    • Yeah thanks very much! HA! Yes, size 3. Toilet trained, sleeping through the night, preferably likes cars and trains so can play with my son!

  4. I didn’t even notice that Just Jeans have a kids range now. When I go shopping it’s all about MEEEE! On the rare occasions when I do go out alone I really loathe having a “bad shopping day”. Doesn’t seem fair. Coffee and cake does help though. 🙂

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