Where Do They Get It!?!?

I have to share a story from a couple of days ago, because it made me almost spit pizza across the table. I also want to share, because I want to know, where on EARTH do kids come up with things? Naomi over at Seven Cherubs has a funny story like this too. I’m sure every mother has an “Out of the Mouths of Babes” story, share yours below if you do!

So I was at work yesterday when hubby texted me and said Nick was “angry”. When hubby asked what he was angry about, he said he didn’t want to get married. I knew men weren’t typically keen on marriage, I didn’t know it started as young as 3!

When I got home from work, I sat down at the dinner table, and Nick sat next to me.This is how the conversation went.

Me: So Nick, you don’t want to get married?
Nick: No.
Me: Why not?
Nick: Because I don’t have a dress.
Me: [almost choking on pizza]

We grabbed my phone, to see if he’d give us the same answer twice (and to make sure we had this on video, you know, for when he does get married). And he did, here it is:

I don’t know where kids come up with the things they say. But I’m glad that they do. They keep us on our toes, they make us laugh, they are so innocent, but take themselves so seriously. I can’t even begin to put in to words how much I love this boy. Which is why I can’t believe it’s even possible, but I love him more every day. I think only other mothers could know what I mean. I’m most thankful for him. And while I’m in absolutely no rush for the day to get here, should he be wearing a dress when he gets married, I will love him no less than I do today.

Joining in with Kate Says Stuff for Thankful Thursday.


14 thoughts on “Where Do They Get It!?!?

  1. Gorgeous! They say the cutest things. I have written some things down in a little book for my 4 year old but there are many I wish I had recorded like you have so we can look back a smile when he is all grown up.

    • I need to find time to go back through my blog and facebook and find all the times I’ve recorded something he’s said, and put them all in a little book. That will be much easier! We have so many videos of Nick, I wonder when I’ll find the time to go through them and organise them chronologically or even better, make a video of them or something. At least I have them all, it’s just collating/organising that could be a nightmare!

    • He insisted again this morning that he is NOT getting married. His arms were folded and everything. Oh well. Plenty of time to change his mind!

  2. When K was about 4 is was in the bath and asked her to close the door because there was a draft coming in. She looked around and up at the ceiling and said “Mommy, don’t be s silly – a giraffe is too big to come in the door” !! Al and I still laugh about this now she is nearly 20 !

    • LOL! that is so cute! i wish i could video every second of Nick’s life. i don’t want to forget a thing!

  3. Oh how adorable! I love the way he’s grappling with the grammar of her’s and she’s too! I’ve been writing them down, and putting them in my phone if I’m on the run. I’ve forgotten some really good ones already though, and didn’t write them down in time! The latest was, Mummy when I go back in your tummy, can Ben and I be twins šŸ™‚

  4. “And while Iā€™m in absolutely no rush for the day to get here, should he be wearing a dress when he gets married, I will love him no less than I do today.”

    This is beautiful šŸ™‚

    • Thanks Seeking šŸ™‚ I mean it, too! I don’t know how parents can abandon children because of their sexuality, but I suppose that is for another post.

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