The Naturopath

I have this woman I see. She’s a healer, of sorts. She does bowen massage, reiki, floral acupuncture, Emotional Freedom Technique, and today we asked the Archangel Michael cards whether or not I would have another baby (will get to that in a minute).

I told her about my gratitude journal, and how after a short time I saw my outlook change. I no longer only saw the negative. In fact, I saw the negative, but chose to dismiss it and see the positives. I didn’t have to look so hard to see them, either. They just came to me. I told her about how I no longer worry about things I can not change and have no power over. She was so impressed she hugged me and told me how proud she was.

With her help, I have (honest to God) moved pass the disappointment of our wedding day (weather, illness, other things). I can talk about it and think about it without fuming inside. I have let go of the pain of my parents divorce. That was a long time coming, but thank God it is over. She has cured aches and pains (for both myself and my mum).

So back to our visit today, and talking about babies. She asked if I wanted to ask Archangel Michael, so I agreed. I wasn’t really sure I was ready to hear what the cards had to say. She selected one for my past, one for my present, and one of the future. The past talked about shielding, shielding myself from harmful substances, staying away from pubs and bars (boy should I have!). The present simply said, “let go of fear. NOW.” The future…the future simply said, “You are on the right path.”

This year has already been full of self-discovery, personal growth, enrichment and change.  Almost completely in thanks to Deb at Home Life Simplified and her SYL project, and my gratitude journal. Whether I have another baby or not, the path I am on now feels right. I’m figuring out what is important, what makes me happy, what really, truly matters in LIFE. So many people go their whole lives not knowing, or thinking it is money and other superficial things. It’s not.

If another child is not in our cards, if this little family of 3 is what we are meant to be, then we will be. And we will make the most of it, laughing, learning, living. But I’m not ready to accept that yet. I want to make sure we have exhausted all avenues first.


10 thoughts on “The Naturopath

    • Thanks Ames. Don’t know if I am proud of myself – I’m proud of myself for sticking with it, for sure. I’m just glad I started doing all these things to make life better. It’s too short (and amazing) to spend it being miserable!

  1. I really liked the last two lines – I think if it were not to be exploring and exhausting every avenue would bring you such peace particularly in hindsight that you did everything you could. I’m so glad you are finding peace, and absolutely feeling you are on the right path, wherever that is heading x

    • I used to think I could accept that N was meant to be our only child, that I didn’t want the financial/emotional/physical burden/stress of IVF, but I also thought it wouldn’t come to that point. Now it’s possibly coming to that point, I don’t think I could be satisfied, knowing we didn’t TRY every possibility. Thanks Lyndal. x

  2. Hun I spoke to a lady at a shop yesterday about you, and this post reminded me to tell you. I asked her if she has one of those bracelets for fertility. It’s a healing shop, Chrystal’s, beads etc….. So anyway she looked at me and said ‘please ask her to pray to Gabrielle, she will fix everything’. So me, the idiot that I am said ‘ pray? Like on knees?’ lol she said just get her to tell Gabrielle what she wants, it really works. I haven’t had time to google angel Gabs but maybe you can look into it and get down on your knees!

    • That is hilarious! I had a chat to ol’ Gabs this morning. Dunno if she was listening. I will talk to her all month, see what she can do! In the meantime, I will look for a fertility bracelet. Also, one of the dolls you got me broke in half. Do you think that’s a bad omen!?!?

  3. I love that you asked your angels!! I really believe in all things “different” and I think that they can help us especially when we are searching for answers everywhere!!! Good luck with everything, and yes you should be very proud that you have been able to see the positives in things – wish I could the same for me, maybe I should start a gratitude journal!!!! But I too have GROWN thanks to the SYL challenge, if I keep improving I cant wait to see the person i am at the end of the year!!!! 🙂 (Keep us updated with your progress with Gabrielle!!!!) – Oh, I also tried wearing a braclet for fertility, i cant remember which one it was, but i fell pregnant after a little bit, may have been a coincidence, but hey i can believe in it!!!!! 🙂

    • I highly recommend a gratitude journal Paula! Online, in a book, wherever you’re more likely to keep up with it. It is amazing how much it can influence and change your attitude/outlook on things. Will let you know how I go with Gabrielle and maybe I’ll look for a bracelet at a shop near us. It can’t HURT can it!?

    • Thank you Jess, I will take all the prayers I can get, and pray to anyone (or any being) who will listen! Imagine if we could all let go of fear, as if we were kids again, because they sure don’t know what fear is, do they?!

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