Week 7 {52 Weeks to Simplify Your Life}

Week #7 Challenge : Create A Vision Board

Our mission this week was to create a vision board, and fill it with things we’ve already talked about wanting/needing in our lives, minds, selves for the year. Things that inspire us, motivate us, that relate to our values and our goals.

I (like many I would guess) decided to use Pinterest to complete this challenge. 1. Because I am lazy. 2. Because I am too cheap to buy magazines and collect real images and sayings. 3. Because creating vision boards is what Pinterest is all about!!

I’ve gone one step extra though, and grabbed the photos to create a collage in photoshop. One that I can print out and put on my bathroom mirror. It’s printing as I type this.

I think it will be obvious that the main theme in my vision board is relaxation, exploration, balance, personal growth, reflection, love, and general well-being. I feel good about this vision board. It encompasses everything I want for 2012. And right next to it, I’m putting up a big picture of my little family. Because a small spot on a vision board is not good enough.

The finished product, on the bathroom wall.


It’s not too late to join in with Deb and those of us participating in her 52 Weeks to Simplify Your Life challenge. Join in where you want, catch up if you want, link up if you want, or don’t. At least read the challenges and give yourself some food for thought.

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6 thoughts on “Week 7 {52 Weeks to Simplify Your Life}

  1. Fantastic board! Love that it is digitalized AND printable! This is what I need and I will do in the future.

    The quotes are very fitting! Quotes speak to me a lot as well.

  2. I love your board. I’m also a big quote person 🙂 What I love most though is that you printed it out and stuck it with a family photo, that is awesome!

  3. I am so glad to have read this post! 1- because I now know I am not the only one too tight to purchase magazines! and 2- because I was wondering just where am I going to put this vision board when I finish it and the bathroom is a great spot!

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