Piquing My Pinterest: Queenstown Edition

We have been talking about going to New Zealand for 4 years, or more, now. “One day” we say. We’ll get there, one day. You know what they say about one day? It never comes. Well, all going to plan, one day is going to come this July! Queenstown in July? Are we nuts? We must be! Hopefully we will make it to Queenstown, it’s much more expensive to fly in to there but I’ve had people tell me the drive from Christchurch to Queenstown in July would be a nightmare, dealing with snow, windy roads, icy roads. We might have to re-evaluate. But in the mean time I am dreaming of Queenstown, and this week it’s been Piquing my Pinterest.

We have friends in Auckland who have said they’d be keen to meet us there, and I know we would have a fantastic time. We just need to save the money. It’s much easier to do that with a goal in sight, and looking at these pins makes it even easier!

Source: wallpaperweb.org via Jessica on Pinterest

Source: worldcitypics.com via Courtney on Pinterest

Source: nz.com via Noora on Pinterest

Source: valhallalodge.co.nz via Sheena on Pinterest


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7 thoughts on “Piquing My Pinterest: Queenstown Edition

  1. Such a beautiful place. Would love to go but I made the mistake of marrying a kiwi who doesn’t think going “home” is much of a holiday!! Hope you get to go soon x

    • No, home isn’t much of a holiday. My husband is American and while I’d love to go to the US, we’d up in Detroit visting family…not much of a holiday! It’s nice to go somewhere NEW!

  2. Queens town in July is beautiful – especially if it snows ! When we went we stayed a week at Wanaka and drove though to Queenstown. We drove from Christchurch and were extremely lucky with the weather. Two days after we left to go to the north island, they had really heavy snows and were snowed in for nearly two weeks !! It is such a beautiful countr – as I mentioned before, every corner you turn is like a chocolate box moment !

    Good luck with saving money to go – I know you will enjoy it.
    Love, hugs and positive energy.

    • With hubby’s truck transmission blown, who knows what will happen now? I hope we can still save the money to go, but we have to see what happens with the car situation. Oh well!! And the travelling in July, to Queenstown, makes me nervous. We can’t afford to be snowed in for 2 weeks!!! That’s insane!!

    • I’ve only ever been to the north island and I was about 14. I’m sure I’d enjoy it much more as an adult! The wine! The wine!!!!

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