Monday Morning Excitement

I work at a private, and somewhat exclusive club. Non-members can only come in the front gate as a guest of a member. We do not take cash anywhere in the club, everything is charged to a member’s account.

This morning, we had some unexpected visitors.

As I got to work, I saw the balloon. I love these things. They often fly over our house and land in property at the end of our street. My son and I have waved to balloons that have been so close to our back balcony we can make out facial features.

Balloon, flying nice and high over the golf course

I took a few pics and headed inside the shop. I was standing with our superintendent when I heard the unmistakeable noise of the balloon flame, sounding awfully close. I looked out the front door and saw, in the back window of a member’s car, the reflection of the red balloon. It was barely going to clear the clubhouse roof.

Barely missed that roof!!

This is a lot of excitement for first thing Monday morning. Another worker and I started walking through the parking lot as the balloon was landing and heard some screams. I am guessing the basket almost tipped over when it landed. The pilot did an amazing job to land where he did. As you’ll see, he didn’t have much room!

Once the trucks arrived, they had to figure out how to get the balloon down. Half a dozen people dragged it down the fairway, making enough room for the canopy to lay flat on the ground.

Yesterday, one of our member’s personal golf cart ended up in a lake on the course. Long story. Today, a hot air balloon ends up on the 6th hole. I wonder what tomorrow will bring??


One thought on “Monday Morning Excitement

  1. What a great way to start the week !!!!! I could have spent the day in bed today – Al leaves for Coffs and I don’t want him to go 😦

    Have a great day and looking forward to any more exciting episodes from your work later this week !!!

    Love, hugs and positive energy.

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