Things I Know – The Baby Edition

I sometimes wonder if my gratitude blog is a way of fooling myself. If I tell myself I’m grateful for everything then the thoughts of ungratefulness won’t creep in. But they do. I have decided to just let them. It’s ok to NOT be grateful once in a while.

I’ve had these thoughts running through my head a lot lately, “If only I knew….”

If only I knew Nick would be my only child. It’s not that I’ve given up hope of another, but it does seem less and less likely, every dreaded month. It’s not that I am ungrateful for Nick, but I am ungrateful for that which I don’t have. Another bub.

If I AM lucky to have another bub, I know…

I will be more present (mentally) at the birth. If I can feel bub is posterior, I will try with all my might to get him turned and I will try with all my might, to not need or want an epidural.

I will NOT have to have the midwife tell me to look at my son because I am more concerned with what is happening to my vajayjay and it has completely slipped my mind that I just gave birth to the most amazing baby boy.

I will get help quicker if I feel I am not coping very well instead of waiting 18 months for a PND diagnosis.

I will complain less about the sleepless nights (ok, I might not, but I will try my hardest!)

I will enjoy every.single.minute of having a baby, because I know the moments are fleeting, and go far too quickly.

I will look after myself better, during and after the pregnancy. I owe it to the unborn bub, myself, and my family.

I will take SO MANY PICTURES! I wish iPhones had been around when I had Nick.

I will try harder to get bub to fall asleep unassisted, and to sleep through the night long before 18 months (please, God!)

I will be so, so thankful for the blessing of having another gorgeous child to nurture, raise, love, and will never forget that being a parent is not a right, it’s a privilege.

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One thought on “Things I Know – The Baby Edition

  1. Reading your post made me think about the things that i would do differently if i had had a second baby. Like you I would have worried less about the external stuff and spent more time with K. Unfortunately, by the time I realised it, she was already in her late teens and it was to late for me to change things. Make the changes now and enjoy every single minute that you can with Nick – whether there is another baby or not.
    Have a great weekend and enjoy Thomas tomorrow – love, hugs and positive energy !

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