Thankful Thursday!

I am cutting it close, only 3 more hours to get in for Kate’s Thankful Thusday. To be honest, I am late because I have been trying to think of something to be thankul about.

I had a long day at work today. The Thankful me would ge grateful for the extra money (though $50 isn’t very much in the long run) but I was a bit irritated by it today. But that is ok. You can’t be thankful for EVERYTHING and look for the silver lining in everything. I don’t think that is realistic.

But then the sunset was beautiful, and I got a couple of great pictures. We had dinner on our balcony for the second time this week and it was really nice.

I realised that I have Saturdays off work now and this Saturday is the first one off. I think we will go to see Thomas The Tank Engine at the Ipswich Rail Museum. A whole day with my husband and son? Definitely thankful for that!

My new twitter friends and Australian Open discussions? Thankful.

For a day that was a bit trying, it didn’t turn out so bad. There really is always something to be thankful for. Sometimes you just have to look a bit harder.

Why not head over to Kate Says Stuff and share what you are thankful for?




6 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday!

  1. You are right – there is always something to be thankful for butwe just have to look a little harder !!

    I love not working Saturday – although I do see clients at home on a Saturday and while. Get paid, I don’t feel like it is work because I love it to much. I hope you and your family have a great time at Thomas the Tank Engine.

    Enjoy the rest of your evening !

    • I don’t mind my work so much either, but would enjoy it much more if the hours were, say, 9-3, Mon-Fri. I know, in a perfect world, right? I am sure we will have a great time, N is very excited!! Thanks 🙂

    • It’s so nice to be able to chat to others watching it who actually care. Hubby watches with me, but I don’t think he cares or is really paying attention LOL

    • Saturdays off has been a long time coming, and we will definitely make the most of it. Our little family desperately needs Saturdays!

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