Things I Know, My Maiden Post

I’m losing my Things I Know Virginity with this post. I’ve seen others play, I’ve read others posts, but I’ve never posted a Things I Know blog myself. Mostly because more often than not, I don’t feel like I know anything. Until now.

My husband is home from a 12 day trip to the other side of the world to see his family and I have learned a lot while he’s been gone! I know a lot, now, about what single parents go through, and also know why I need my husband more than I (or he) may think!

I have always known I have a fear of ladders and heights. But now…

I know I need my husband to change light bulbs (high ceilings = ladders).

I know I need my husband to get the Christmas boxes out of the attic (again, ladders).

I know I need my husband to clean the fish tank (it stinks, and scooping and flushing 1 dead fish is more than I ever wanted to do).

I know I need my husband to check on those little noises I hear at night, that sound like someone trying to come in our front door, when really it’s just our neighbours and everything echos.

I know I need my husband to do the grocery shopping. Yes, ladies, my husband does our grocery shopping. I pick one or two things up when needed, but when I go to work Sundays, he (and our 3 year old son!!) go get food.

I know I need my husband to give me reason to cook decent meals every night. While he’s been gone I’ve snacked on a less than nutritious “meals” (I use the term loosely).

I know that the other side of the world is an awfully long way away, no matter how small it feels like the world is at times. It really hit home, thinking if something happened how far apart we were and how hard, expensive and time consuming it would be go get to the other person.

And I know I’m glad I’m leaving work in a half an hour to go pick him up at the airport and can’t wait to see the look on our son’s face when he sees that Daddy is home!

What do you know? Come over to The Good, The Bad and The Unnecessary and share with us.


9 thoughts on “Things I Know, My Maiden Post

  1. ahhhhh.. lovely! Have an awesome time together – it would definitely feel great to have him home!

    ps. congrat on losing your TIK virginity 😛 as Kellie said to me, you always know something, even if you think your don’t 🙂

    • Haha thanks! I probably know more than I think, just hurts the brain muscle to try and remember what it is I know!

  2. I am lucky enough t have a husband as good as yours – he also does the shopping a lot of the time, he will do dishes, he will do laundry – he will probably do pretty much anything that needs to be done if I haven’t gotten around to doing it ! I also battled when he was working in Taiwan and was really pleased when his contract finished over there.

    Have a great weekend and enjoy having him home !

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