Thankful Thursday!

Hooray! It’s the first Thankful Thursday of 2012! Head on over to Kate Says Stuff to see what others are giving thanks for on this beautiful day.

Today I’m thankful for friendship. I picked up a couple of coffees at a Zaraffa’s drive through coffee shop (seriously, drive-thru CAFFEINE people!) and headed to a friend’s place for a new year catch up. If every day started with coffee with a friend, the world would be a better place. Not much would get done, but what was done would be done with a smile. Women need women, we need girlfriends, we need people who can give us the emotional support our men, God love them, can not. It is never less than a 2 hour gab fest with this particular friend, and I always leave feeling there was more to talk about. It will have to wait for next time.

Today I am thankful my husband managed to get a flight from Detroit to LA so that he can come home as scheduled. Flying standby has it’s perks, but also has its risks, and after a morning flight was cancelled out of Detroit, the domino effect had the potential to cause complete havoc. So far all is ok though and he’s still scheduled to arrive home tomorrow afternoon. Nicklas is going to be so excited!

I’m also thankful for gratitude. Gratitude is going to change my life, or at the very least, my outlook on life, this year.  I’m keeping a gratitude journal over here, please go check it out when you can. I’m including a pic and a short paragraph about something I am thankful for each day. It’s hard NOT to have a positive outlook when you’re always looking for something to give thanks for. Give it a try!


8 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday!

  1. Oh how lovely. I have a shortage of close girlfriends here (but I do have two of my sisters, and my mum, so I can’t complain.) I am completely with you on the gratitude thing. Changes your life. 🙂

    • sisters make great girlfriends! im lucky to live where I went to high school and still have a few very good friends from back then (many moons ago!)

  2. Love it. Love your idea of an online gratitude journal also… inspiring.

    I love time with my girl friends too – energises like nothing else.

    • can’t take credit for the idea of an online gratitude journal, I stole it from someone else. We will see if I can keep it up. I wanted to do a hand-written one but I hate my handwriting!

  3. Yes to gratitude journals! I had one a few years ago and it literally changed my life 🙂

    So glad the hub is on his way home and could not agree more re coffee with friends 🙂

    • realized after reading ur post I didn’t put any affirmative actions or plans out into the universe. My main one this year is that I will be filled with hope and I will expect the best!

  4. Gratitude journals are fantastic. I’ve turned to them often during the tough times, yet never seem to do them during the good – I hope it’s not that we take those for granted?

    There is nothing like a good long chin-wag with a close friend.

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