A Letter To Nicklas : 42 months old

A letter, dated 26/12/11

Dear Nicklas,

Merry 4th Christmas to you, my gorgeous son. You have been a handful these last couple of months and to be honest, I’m not sure what I’ll do now as it is too late to threaten to call Santa and tell him to give your presents to someone els, he’s already given them to you this morning!

This year your dad has gone to see his family. He was going because Baba hadn’t been feeling well, but she got better. Then uncle Joe informed your dad he was being deployed to Afghanistan. So together we made the decision that he should go and see Joe, and the rest of the family. The only prolem was, airfare was so expensive we couldn’t afford to all go, so that leaves you and me at home. One cranky child plus one cranky mother does not make the most pleasant environment.

On top of that, you recently got a fish tank and 7 fish. One has died. I had to scoop it and flush it, you are none the wiser, though everyone keeps saing “Poor Nick.” Poor Nick? POOR ME! You didnt even notice!

On a serious note, about 2 months ago you started a new kindy. You call it “school” and we don’t correct you, because calling it school sems to have made it easier for you to settle in. You’re a big boy now, you tell us, and we know, because you talk all the time and you copy everything we say. You are smart and funny and gorgeous and you are so kind. The director at your new kindy school has told me what a beautiful person you are, and that you have just settled right in. I am so proud of you, and proud as punch that you are my son.

More than ever, I feel so blessed to have you in my life. You make me smile, you make me laugh, you warm my heart and no matter how frustrated you just made me, when you look at me, tell me you love me, and ask for “big BIG cuddles” all that fades away. We have been so fortunate, so blessed, to have you in our lives. The lessons you teach us on a daily basis are invaluable, whether it is to live every day to its fullest, or to make sure the butter is on the top shelf of the fridge. I’m yet to get a picture of you scooping 3 fingers full of butter into your mouth, but I will!

I know I am impatient, and that I can lose my temper fairly quickly. I am so sorry, and promise it is something I am working on. I know you are only 3 and a half, but I often expect you to act about 23 and a half. I’m sorry for that, too.

We’ve had such a great Christmas. I love that you are old enough now that you are right into it all. When I whispered that Santa had been and left you presents under the tree, you stood up in bed, looked out the window and shouted, “Thank you Santa Claus!” I think my heart melted all over your bedroom floor.

I love you so much my sweet boy. Every day I am thankful for you.

All my love,



19 thoughts on “A Letter To Nicklas : 42 months old

    • Nicklas didn’t at his first kindy, but he was 16 months old and didn’t understand. Wasn’t the best time to start him I don’t think. I hope she settles in well, too and that you have a good first day as well! 😉

    • It wasn’t so bad, as I think Nick is still young enough that he didn’t understand daddy wasn’t there on Christmas Day, and we still had a lovely Christmas Eve. New Years eve on my own was a bit depressing though!

    • Thanks! I hope so, too. I actually have a folder with all the letters I’ve written to him printed out and binded (?) in. I hope I get to give it to him one day, certainly don’t want them to be a “legacy”!

    • That totally threw me off too, I was so proud of him. We have been drilling the manners in to him, determined to not have a spoiled ungrateful kid, but no idea what made him stand up and look out the window and shout out to Santa. I hope when he is 25 he will want to read it!!

  1. Such a lovely letter! I have a Miss 3 and a half and I could have written this myself…the frustration, the impatience, the delight, the butter!

    • Lol @ “the butter” … Thought he got it from my husband (he likes a bit of toast with his butter) but perhaps it is normal 3.5 year old activity???

    • You certainly have to experience it to understand, don’t you? I now fully comprehend what people meant when they said parenting is the most rewarding and most frustrating thing ever!!

    • Thanks Nee. We try our best! Maybe somewhere somehow it’s actually rubbing off? Agree, Nick’s are awesome 😉

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