Point and Shoot : Christmas Edition

I think point and shoot might be on holidays, but I’m still bringing you a Christmas point and shoot edition here anyway.

Christmas Eve I had to work until lunch time. It was the kind of day that just drags, and drags, because you have somewhere else you can’t wait to be. I rushed home and began preparations to have 12 people (11 adults and Nick) for dinner.

Once the food was ready, we put out the spread. Roast chicken, caramelised vegetables, curried eggs, garden salad, ham off the bone, ambrosia salad. Everything tasted so yummy! For desert we had lemon pistachio tart, individual frozen cheesecakes, and ginger nut cream log. Totally drool worthy.

Then it was time for presents. I’d love to say we have a civilised method for opening gifts, so that everyone can see what everyone else got, and thank the appropriate person for their gifts, but there was nothing civilised about it. It was all for one and one for all, ready, set, rip!

My cousin on the far right has been spending a semester abroad, studying in Switzerland. Unbeknownst to us (or even to her brother in the middle), she came home for Christmas! It was the best surprise when she walked in the door! So exciting I spilled my champagne, and let me tell you, I don’t just spill champagne for anything. I love this picture of the 5 of us. We have a picture of the 5 of us from 15 years ago, posing by the side of the pool. I keep meaning to take a photo of it when I’m at mum’s and I keep forgetting. We’re all so grown up now but such children in that other picture.

Christmas morning, Santa had left a stocking full of gifts under the tree for Nick. I had to wake him up to tell him it was there. He’d had such a big night the night before, went to bed late, he probably would have slept until 8 had I let him. But we had to be at my sister’s for Christmas BBQ breakfast.

I went into Nick’s room and whispered, “Nick, Santa’s been. He left you some presents.” He stirred and very sleepily, one-eye opened, asked me where they were. “Under the tree,” I answered. He said he wanted to thank Santa Claus. He stood up on his bed, looked out his window and shouted, “THANK YOU SANTA CLAUS!” My heart melted in a puddle on the floor.

After Christmas breakfast we went to the park with my sister and her dogs and Nick had a play on the playground.

Nick and I went home and had a few hours just the 2 of us, watched a few movies, and then headed back to my mum’s for some fishing, with his new fishing rod. Unfortunately we only cast it twice, and then the line got tangled beyond repair. I hate to admit it, but we needed a man. Or a woman who was really good with fishing equipment I suppose would have sufficed, but I don’t know any of those.

Today I was stupid brave and headed to the stores at 8:30 this morning. I scored 2 journals and 10 pens from Typo for $15. Then I headed to Myer’s Christmas deco section where I scored this wooden train advent calendar for just $40.

I also got a silver reindeer, 4 tree ornaments and some red and gold baubles. I could have gone nuts in there. There was a nativity set I would have liked to have gotten, I had to um and uh over the advent calendar, they had a few great ones in there. I contemplated getting a set of 2 reindeer but controlled myself. Then I went to Target where I got Nick some PJs for 40% off, a pair of thongs, a pair of black ballet flats for myself, and THOUGHT I had got a first birthday present. It wasn’t until I got home I realised he hadn’t charged me for them and I didn’t have them. They must have been left on the counter at the check out! The one thing I actually NEEDED from the store, I had failed to actually get. Maybe it was a ploy from my subconscious to ensure I go back to the shops in a few days. Not sure my bank account will approve of that!

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