Trying To Conceive


All acronyms I never thought I’d need to know so intimately.


Something I never thought I’d have to keep track of or understand.

When you’re TTC you record and chart your BBT and CM to keep track of your CDs hoping to figure out when you O so you can BD or DTD. Then you find yourself in the 2WW, hoping AF doesnt show up and you can do a HPT, crossing your fingers for a BFP not a BFN so you can estimate your DD and tell people you’re PG. All without going IFS (in-fucking-sane for those who might be tripped up by that one).

I’m current in the 2WW and the chart looks perfect, today, CD 15, 3 DPO. O looks good, BD was timed perfectly, temp is where it should be. Now we wait and hope and pray and hope some more.

Every little twinge, cramp, flutter, ache I feel in my uterus area has me wondering, “Is it burying in and sticking? Is it working? Is this finally it?” It’s impossible not to think about it. Not to think about when I can test, how I will tell hubby, what the DD will be, what name will we give him or her (probably him as Hubby’s family is domainated by males), and then I have to really make an effort to stop and pull myself back to reality.

Hoping and praying AF doesn’t rear her ugly head. Whcih is what I will do for the next 11 days. If you have any baby dust please send some my way.


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