Thankful Thursday

I really do have so much to be thankful for. Small things, big things, and lots of things in between.

In particular today, I am thankful for pictures. I’ve got thousands of pictures of Nick, hundreds of him with me and his dad and other family members. I’m definitely a picture person. Without pictures, I’d barely remember anything, I have a memory like a sieve!

I’m also thankful (again) that Nick has settled in to his new school. Drop-off this morning was unbelievable. He gave me a huge hug and ran off to play. When he saw me talking to the teacher, he came and gave me another one and ran off to play again. And his report card is filled with lovely things like, “Nick is a pleasure to teach” and “Nicklas enjoys his time here and has settled in nicely.”

I’m thankful that Big W had the canvas I ordered 3 weeks ago for my sister for Christmas. I had no notification it was in-store, and I was really worried it had been lost in shipment. But it hadn’t, crisis averted and my shopping is D.O.N.E.

I’m thankful for work, as much as I complain about having to go so often, and always on weekends, without it I don’t know where we’d be. A second income really has made the world of difference for us. I sometimes get caught up in my crankiness and forget how valuable my job really is.

Lastly, I’m thankful I’ve done everything I wanted to do today and still have 3 hours before I have to pick up Nick. Time for snack, The View and Days of Our Lives!

Head on over and share what you’re thankful for with Kate. 


2 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

    • I can’t tell you how happy I am that Nick has settled in so well at the new place. He just fits, and it’s such a great feeling. He sings all the time, new songs, talks so much more, and happily goes to “school”. Great end to a somewhat crappy year!

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